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"Addresses" Tab
The address tab is where you can store all the email addresses that you use most frequently, just like an address book or contacts list in any other email account. At the very top of the tab, you'll see that you can click on links that will allow you to sort your addresses by First Name, Last Name, or Email Address.

Next to each email address in your list, under Tools, you have the option to Edit or Delete each individual entry, and a check box to the very left of the name, so you can select multiple email addresses as the same time.

Beneath the list of addresses, on the left-hand side, you have the ability to Select All / None of your addresses, along with a button to Delete Selected addresses if you'd like to remove more than one at a time.

On the right-hand side, beneath the list of addresses, you'll find the following options:

Add Address: Opens a new page that will allow you to enter in a new email address and personal information for the contact.

Export CSV / TSV: This option will download your address book as a separate file that you can then use to archive or import into another email program. You can download it as either a .csv file (comma-separated-values, a common format for text-based databases), or a .tsv file (tab-separated-values, a common format for importing into spreadsheets with cells and columns).1

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1  Written by Jeff-o'-lantern

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