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Explanations and instructions of all things Writing.Com.
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Group Management
Selected items require more in-depth techniques in order to fully manage their capabilities. For a Group, however, there is no Manage tool on the Edit line. Instead, these capabilities are accessed through a series of links called Group Links that are available when you open the group item for viewing.


Groups whether they consist of one member, such as for a Gift Point bank, or of hundreds of members, such as the "RAOK Upgrade Brigade Group or "SIMPLY POSITIVE GROUP, all groups need to be managed. Many of the following links are self-explanatory, but are listed here for convenience sake.

Gift Point Log: As stated, a log of any Gift Points received or given by the group is accessed here. Using the Edit tool, you can identify at what level a member may be able to view the Gift Point totals or logs. Remember that logs are only stored for approximately six months--smaller groups with little activity may find their entries non-existent when they check later.

Disperse Gift Points: This tool allows you to send Gift Points to all members of this group. You may provide one Gift Point amount to give to all members and identify from which account to send the funds. The dispersed Gift Points can come from either the group's Gift Point funds or from your own account. You may only use the group's funds if you have the appropriate level within the group.

Group Bids: Groups may use their available Gift Points to advertise or sponsor their items or links under any of Writing.Com's genres or item types. Using the "BidClick System: Sponsored Items, Links & Genres enables all Authors and Angels (those who promote works that are not their own) to highlight those items for a small fee. Follow the directions listed under this link.

Give/Spend Gift Points: You can give from ten to one million Gift Points (provided your balance allows) to an individual member or to another Group by placing the username or item number, respectively, in the appropriate box. A confirmation screen will appear before the transaction can be processed.

Mail Group: You may send one email to all active members of your group using this link. The "Send" option also allows you to mail only those members above certain access levels thereby assuring you great flexibility in your mailings.

Manage Members: Enter (or edit existing) group members using the windows on this page. You must use the member's username when entering new members. This is the name found inside their membership suitcase, not the handle they may use in front of the suitcase. Each group member is assigned an access level within the group. Group members who are added to this group will be emailed the welcome email identified in the Item Type Specific Section when you created the group. Please see "Access Levels Within Groups for more details regarding member management.

Purge Group Items: This tool resets the Item Access Restrictions to private on items where the owner of those items is no longer part of this group that were set to group only. It then emails the owner to inform them that the items have been reset. The email sent to them comes from Writing.Com Support . This tool is available to group members with a group access level of 14 or higher.

Manage Levels: You may wish to name the different levels within your group.

Managing a group can be both fun and rewarding. These tools have been created to help you easily manage a group of any size by enlisting the help of other responsible members.1

Recommended Reading

1  Written by Jace

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