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Manage a Campfire Creative
Some item types require more in-depth techniques in order to fully manage their capabilities. These features are accessed through the Manage link located in the Item Tools menu, which can be opened by clicking the gear icon at the right of the item listing in your Portfolio view, or at the upper right corner of the item when viewed.1

After you "Create/Edit a Campfire Creative and choose a storyline, you must decide who you wish to take part in your Campfire Creative.


When you open your newly created a Campfire Creative for the first time, a page will open that says:

To get this campfire started,
please click the gear icon at the upper right corner to open the Item Tools menu, then click on Manage Campfire.

You are a part of this campfire, but no one seems to be up next. If this is a new campfire, this will be corrected once the first invitee accepts their invitation. If this is a campfire in progress, there is a problem. Please report this in "Technical Support Forum . Remember to include this item's ID number: #######.

Your Campfire's Manage link opens to the Manage Invitees page. Use this area to invite participants to your Campfire. At least one person must accept before your campfire can continue.

View Campfire: This page displays the Introduction text you entered when you created the item, plus all the additions posted by participants thus far in this campfire. Additionally, you can click on the *InfoB* button at the upper right of each addition to view a pop-up window with selected details about each individual addition, such as its addition number (a sequence number rather than an ID number), a userlink for the author of the addition, the time and date posted, and the size of the addition in characters.

List/Edit Additions: This page displays all the current additions with the latest addition at the top. Additions may be added, edited, or deleted from this page. Any addition may be edited or deleted by members of the group who have been granted Group Edit capabilities. However, Group Edit capabilities do not automatically grant any person the right to add an addition--it may be added only by the next authorized participant.

Note: Anecdotal evidence indicates that a maximum of 500 additions can be made to a Campfire Creative. Apparently deleted additions do not count toward this limit, but are still counted in the number of additions shown in the header of the Campfire Creative item. The addition number shown in the information pop-up of each addition is updated whenever a previous addition is deleted.

Manage Invitees: Identify the person(s) you wish to take part in your campfire and send them an invitation by inserting their username in the User Tag / Email Address, and click Submit Changes. You are limited to 25 invitees. After invitations are sent, the Invite Status changes from OPEN to PENDING.

Upon declining, the invitee is removed from your invitation list. You can now use that invitation slot to invite someone else if you wish.

Upon acceptance, the status of the invitee changes to ACCEPTED. When the first person accepts your invite, an automatic email is sent explaining the campfire startup procedures. The position of the participants in the addition rotation is also managed from this page.

Once an author has contributed to your campfire, you will not be able to remove them; you may only disable their invitation.

Extinguish (Rekindle) Fire: As the leader, only you can end (extinguish) the campfire. This is done by adding one final addition from this page. You may also start up (rekindle) the campfire. In both instances, the participants are sent an email about these actions.

Throughout this process, confirmation and notification emails are sent to the participants and the leader of any change in the campfire creative status.

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