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Manage a cNote
Selected items require more in-depth techniques in order to fully manage their capabilities. These capabilities are accessed through the Manage command located in the Show Tools line in your Portfolio view, or the Your Item: edit line from within your item.

After you choose your theme and "Create/Edit a cNote, you must now create each individual cNote within the collection. You do this within the Manage area.


When you open your newly created cNote Collection for the first time, a window will open that says No cNotes found in this item. As the item owner, you must click on the Manage link to add notes to your collection.

Each cNote Collection contains numerous options for the sender to choose. Individual items should be used to house several cNotes. If you are only creating a few cNotes, please use one item to contain them all. We suggest you provide potential senders with more than one note option within a collection .

Create A New cNote For This Collection: Each cNote item may contain up to 25 different cNotes with each note being added individually in this Manage area. When you have finished adding information for each cNote, store it in your collection by clicking Store This cNote. You may edit the cNote at any time from your Manage cNotes section.

cNote Subject: This is included in the subject line of the email when the note is sent and is the first line the recipient will view in his or her inbox. [cNote] is added to the subject line to separate it from other emails received by the recipient.

Image Item ID: To use an image in a cNote, first you must create the image in your portfolio, just like any other image item (see: Image and Create/Edit an Image). After you have created the image in your portfolio, type the image's ID number in the text field for your cNote. The image must be a valid Writing.Com image item. Use a different image (and ID number) for each cNote in your collection for added variety and interest!

cNote Body: Enter the main text of the cNote in this section. This will appear below the image in the cNote. WritingML will work within this area.

Gift Point Price: Enter the fee you wish to charge for sending this cNote. Please note that Writing.Com adds a service fee of 250 Gift Points in addition to your price. If you enter 750 Gift Points here, 1,000 Gift Points will be displayed in the final view.

List The cNotes In Collection: This displays all the cNotes in your collection in tabular form including the note item number, subject, image item number, cost, and how many times a specific note was sent. An option is available to edit each individual cNote, as well as, see the total number of times all of the entries were sent by Writing.Com members.

View cNotes Sent Log: This link provides a log of the last 100 cNotes sent from this collection. The owner of the cNote collection can view both the sender and recipient of the cNote sent along with the Gift Point fee that was paid. The date and time a cNote was sent is also logged.

Purge cNote Log & Reset Counts: Removes all entries in this item's log and resets the counts of the cNote sent. This is a great tool if cNotes are being used to run a monthly or annual contest, such as Season Tickets .

cNotes are a great way to break the ice with someone new, send congratulations, or just wish someone "good luck."1

Recommended Reading

1  Written by Jace

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