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Manage a Photo Album
Icon: Premium Membership (Small) Selected items require more in-depth techniques in order to fully manage their capabilities. Indeed, these capabilities are accessed through the Manage command located in the Show Tools line in your Portfolio view, or the Your Item: edit line from within your item.

When you open your newly created Photo Album for the first time, a window will open that says No Photos Found. To add photos to this photo album, click the Manage link opening a window that displays Photo Album Information and Available Space. The number of albums currently used and still available, as well as the number of photos currently stored and still available to be added will be displayed; these numbers are based on your current membership level (see: "Compare Free and Paid Membership Benefits).

Also displayed are the commands that will allow you to Add Photos, Move Photos and View Album. Select the appropriate link and follow the instructions shown on the screen.


Add Photos
You may upload up to 10 new photos at a time using the form displayed. Each line is followed by a Browse button enabling you to search for your photos on your hard drive. You can upload photos of any size and those bigger than the maximum allowable pixel size of 550 x 550 will automatically be resized to fit. When the form is filled with the photos you wish to upload, click Go. Uploading the pictures may take several minutes depending on your connection speed. Repeat this process as many times as you need to fill your album.

Once you've uploaded some photos, you can re-order them in the album while still in this window.

View Album
Click on this command to see the thumbnail view of your photos. From this window, you can click on each thumbnail to view a larger image. Here you can enter a title and description of the photo, rotate the photo, and easily move from photo to photo.

Move Photos
Moving photos from one album to another is easily accomplished with this command, and is done by using the item numbers of the photos and the album to where the photos are going. Photos are moved one or several at a time with the multiple photos being separated by commas. You must own or have edit access to the album to which the photos are being moved.

Individual photos may be deleted by using the Manage command, and clicking on the Delete button in the appropriate photo. Remember, this just sends the photo to the Recycling Bin; it can still be recovered within two weeks or until it is purged.1

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1  Written by Jace

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