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Explanations and instructions of all things Writing.Com.
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Public Reviews
Public Reviews
Reviewing is an extremely important part of the Writing.Com community. Helpful, honest reviews assist our authors to improve their talents. The Public Review Page   displays recent, public reviews given by Writing.Com members to various items within the site. The Public Review page is an excellent tool for finding new reading material on Writing.Com!

Public reviews 31 days or newer, with more than 250 characters of text, are visible on the public review page. This page can be found by clicking Reviews from the left navigation column or by selecting "Public Reviews" from within Things To Do & Read. To view public reviews that you have sent, go to your Portfolio, select the Community Tab, and then click the link to "Public Reviews Given."

How to Make a Review Public
When sending a review, you can choose to make it public by checking the "Make Public" box. If you make most reviews public, you can set this to be checked by default by clicking the "Set Default" link in the review area of any item or by visiting your "Options" tab in your My Account area. Keep in mind that only reviews of 250 characters or more will be visible on the Public Review page.

Why Should I Make Reviews Public?
Since this page is such an excellent tool for finding new reading material on Writing.Com, making your review public is a great way to increase exposure for an item that you enjoyed reading and reviewing. Other members perusing this page are likely to read your review and decide to also read the item! In addition, members often use this page to find others who have similar reviewing styles and/or enjoy the same genre of writing. This allows them to review items from members that they might not otherwise notice. As an added bonus, reviews posted on the Public Review page are eligible for Public Review Rewards. 1

Recommended Reading

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