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Affiliating Reviews With Groups
The group review affiliation is a handy tool. It allows members to "advertise" the group, without using a custom signature, via the "In Affiliation Line" on the review that links back to the group. Members can quickly pull up the group's public reviews by clicking on the "Affiliated Reviews" link on the group page. Group leaders will find this useful when running reviewing contests as it provides an easy method of viewing and counting the reviews sent by each member.

Activating and Using Review Affiliations
In order for members to affiliate their reviews with the group, leaders must edit the group item and activate the group review affiliation. This setting can be found in section 5 of the edit screen (see: "Create/Edit a Group). Once activated, when members of the group review, they can use the selection menu to affiliate their review with that group.

The "Most Actively Reviewing Groups" list, linked from the Review   page, ranks the groups that have given the most qualifying public reviews over the past 31 days and provides a link to the group and their public reviews. 1

Recommended Reading

1  Written by The StoryMaster

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