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Explanations and instructions of all things Writing.Com.
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Incentives For Reviewing
Beyond the writing experience and feeling of accomplishment you receive for helping other members on the site, Writing.Com offers some additional incentives to encourage reviewing. All of these incentives offer you an opportunity to receive gift points in return for reviewing.

The Review Mixer
Each time you review a work of an author whom you have not reviewed before, the review system will automatically send you 50 Gift Points. See "The Review Mixer for more information.

Daily Review Rewards
Writing.Com offers Daily Review Rewards as an incentive for members to review items. The more items reviewed, the higher the review reward! See "Daily Review Rewards for further details.

Public Review Rewards
Members can receive Gift Points for reviews posted on the Public Review Page! Simply making your review public allows other members to recognize your effort and reward you for a job well done. See "Public Review Rewards for more information.

Good Deeds Go Noticed! Contest
This monthly contest offers every member the chance to win Gift Points and an exclusive Merit Badge for their Public Reviews! See "Good Deeds Get CASH! for rules.

Automatically receive Gift Points for your quality reviews on certain Writing.Com items. See "Auto-Rewards for more information.1

Recommended Reading

1  Written by Diane

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