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RAOK (Random Acts Of Kindness) Group
RAOK's logo image.  This is a shared image, so feel free to use its item number.

RAOK, or Random Acts of Kindness, is a term coined years ago1 to help members of Writing.Com realize their dream of becoming part of a quality writing site. The "RAOK Upgrade Brigade Group was originally created as a way to grant lucky members with an Upgraded membership. Over the years, RAOK has gifted more than a thousand Upgraded memberships to our authors, a service the group plans to continue doing for many years to come!

RAOK gifts Upgraded memberships and does not give Basic or Premium upgrades. This enables the group to give out more individual two-month upgrades and thus help as many Writing.Com authors as possible. In addition, upgrades are only given to primary accounts, not authorized secondary accounts.

If you know of someone whom you think needs or deserves an upgrade, please visit:
Request An Upgrade From RAOK  (E)
Where you can request an upgrade from RAOK.
#787735 by Writing.Com Support

If you have received an upgrade from this group and want to say thank you, please visit:
"Thank You RAOK"  (E)
If you've received a RAOK upgrade you can say "thanks" here.
#819965 by Writing.Com Support

If you would like to join RAOK, please complete the following survey:
 Join RAOK!  (ASR)
Use this form as a request to join RAOK to help eligible WdC members with their upgrades.
#1066115 by Writing.Com Support

The RAOK items are linked in the left-hand nav menu under Points/Angel Resources.

Donations are very much appreciated and may be made by individuals, groups or activities such as auctions and raffles. Make your donations directly to RAOK using the group ID number: 398524.

Recommended Reading

1  A special thank you to Papillon , original creator of this wonderful idea and group, and also to gailey , who helped manage the group until it was given to Writing.Com Support .

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