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Book for my "October NaNoWriMo Prep" project!
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October 3rd: Character Sketch
The Basic Facts
Name: Evelyn Sinclair
Pronunciation: How it looks
Age: 26
City or Area of Birth: Random generic city, I guess. Where she's from doesn't matter much, so a random city in New York that ISN'T NYC.
Sex: Female
Height: 5'6
Weight: 135
Hair: Bright red curls
Eyes: Dark brown
Clothes: Kinda bohemian, but not particularly stylish
Marriage Status: Single
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Occupation: Barista at a bookstore cafe
Fighting Ability: None
Magikal Ability: N/A
Character Description: Lyn, called Eve by the gods, is a pretty typical woman who works at a bookstore, but wants to own her own shop/cafe one day. She is normal, and yet not. There is something special about her, but even she can't figure it out, no matter how she tries. Quirky and original, she has no problem telling people exactly what she wants to tell them. She likes to watch people even though she is not really someone who much likes people. She has a hard time connecting to them, and really prefers to watch and learn as opposed to interacting. Physically, she's not bad. Great curves, a beautiful smile, pleasing features, and a look in her eyes that makes her seem much older than she is. Kind of a knock-out, actually, though she doesn't accentuate it with a knock-out, va va va voom personality. She's too awkward with people to have that.

Familial Relations
Father: Joseph Sinclair
Living/Deceased: Alive
Occupation of Father: Professor of Economics
Mother: Naomi Sinclair (nee Levi)
Living/Deceased: Alive
Parental Marriage Status: Married
Occupation of Mother: Dentist
Sister(s): 1, Lara (artist, both graphic and sculpture)
Age(s): 29
Living/Deceased: Alive
Marriage Status: Single
Brother(s): 2, Bryce and Brynden (engineer and cardiologist, respectively)
Age(s): 27 and 31
Living/Deceased: Alive
Marriage Status: Brynden is married, Bryce is not
Aunt(s), Uncle(s), Cousin(s), etc: Not particularly important
Other Family Occupations: Mostly teachers, doctors, and lawyers. One notable exception is a rather successful journalist.

Relationships with Others
Current Lover/Spouse: None
Best Friend(s): No one
Other Friends: She has a few coworkers, but not many people who she can really say are friends. Eve has a hard time with people.
Past Love(s)/Spouse(s): None
Worst Enemy: A man from her past. One she doesn't even remember, but is very dangerous.
Allies: Hermes, Lucifer, other and mostly unseen gods
Ability to Make New Friends: If they're immortal, pretty easy. Human? Not so much.
Other People of Note in Character's Life: Her coworker, Erik
Reason Why They are Noteworthy: She has a crush on him early in the novel, which...actually means nothing. Her best friends are the statues of gods she has in her apartment, whom she speaks to as if they're alive.

Where Raised: Brooklyn
Family Background: Mom is Jewish, Dad is Scottish. They are pretty much all Brooklynites, though they don't really have the annoying accent. A relatively classy family made up of intellectuals and mental explorers. Mostly professors or lawyers or engineers or something like that, Eve is the exception in that she would prefer to own a bookstore than be "successful".

Psych Profile
Greatest Joy: Reading and studying. History.
Greatest Trauma: She doesn't even remember.
Morals: Tons. She tries to be a good person and do good things, though she does have a wicked tongue.
Ambitions: To own a bookstore and cafe, eventually find a man and get married. But she has no really hopes of the second one.
Positive Personality Traits: Loyal, hardworking, intelligent, curious, giving..
Negative Personality Traits: Naive, awkward, curious, sometimes too trusting and giving.
Mannerisms: Well-spoken, precise, kind of fussy, as if she's comfortable with herself and yet uncomfortable with everything else, even the world around her.
Fears, Anxieties: People. She is not terribly great with them and is terrified of people taking advantage of her. She's also pretty scared that she'll mess everything up and the gods will end up destroyed.
Temperament: Generally pretty calm, but can sometimes be given to bursts of anger.
How Character Displays Emotions: Quickly and bombastically, though only when she's comfortable, otherwise she is pretty calm.
Leader/Follower: A little bit of both, though she doesn't know it.
Perception of Others: People are strange and unknowable. She understands them intellectually, but has a hard time really getting them.
Perception of Self: She is awesome and quirky and intelligent, but she knows there's something wrong with her. Something is missing; something very important.
Memories: She remembers her life growing up, which was pretty normal and kinda boring. But sometimes she gets this feeling that there is something more...something just beyond the reach of her mind.
How Character Handles Crises: Pretty calmly. A lot of times, she doesn't really react with surprise. She just kinda handles it.
Personality Type: A-
Most Meaningful Life Experience: Well, it hasn't happened yet, but meeting Hermes
Attitude Toward Others: Meh
Feelings Toward Family: Close, but not terribly so. Sometimes she go a whole month without talking to them because she'll just forget.
Feelings Toward Friends: What friends?
Feelings Toward Strangers of the Same Sex: Um...awkward?
Feelings Toward Strangers of the Opposite Sex: If they're cute, she might actually try, but it never does much because she's nerdy and awkward and totally OK with that, only other people aren't. She doesn't fit in that great.
Feelings Towards Enemies: She doesn't even think about enemies...until the very complicated love/hate/lust/fear feelings that come from meeting her greatest enemy ever.
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