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4 teenagers embark on a mystical journey and encounter strange gods. Nanowrimo 2011 Novel.
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Chapter 1

Kids have a way of finding trouble, or rather, trouble has a way of finding kids.

Barely seventeen, Kalina and Evan had been high school sweethearts for nearly a year and looking forward to a romantic marriage at some future date. Kevin, the fellow slated to be Evan's best man, wanted to knock some sense into his love struck friend before it was too late to overturn their decision (although deep in his heart, Kevin believed Evan would never go through with it but what does he know? He's only the best friend). Joshua, thirteen and excited for the opportunity to ride the public transportation to middle school, was more than happy to tune out the company of Evan, big brother and designated public transportation chaperon.

As to the trouble that found them, the nature of the particular type of trouble quite bewildered them. One moment, they were all standing on the street, waiting for the number nine bus, when a fog rolled into their minds and they awoke, still upright and standing on their feet, in a dimly lit cavern of foggy colored walls. With their school bags still slung across their shoulders, they tentatively approached the walls and mused upon their strange surroundings.

Evan was the first to utter thoughts. Somehow the displacement hadn't hit their emotions yet. Comforted and relaxed by familiar company despite unfamiliar surroundings, the calm dissipated as Evan's words sunk in.

"What am I looking at?"

Kalina's heart thumped at the rich, husky tones of her beloved. Her eyes drifted away from the walls and lit up at the sight of the plaid collared denim jacket that matched her own.

A shrill hoot cut the air. With all eyes upon him, Kevin's legs hop-skipped where he stood. "My Sharona!"

Joshua scoffed, igniting a second, eardrum piercing hoot from Kevin.

"I don't think the Bro likes my answer," Kevin stated.

"What's to like?" Joshua sputtered.

Evan stepped between the boys. "Can you cut it out for a moment? I'm serious. Where are we?"

"I don't know. How'd we get here?"

Kalina slipped her arm around Evan's. "Didn't you bring us here?" she whispered.

"I think I'd remember if I did."

They meandered about the "room" they were in. The floor was flat and stony. The choppy surface of the walls appeared to be made of the same stony stuff. "It's all grey here," the room seemed to say.

Kalina looked up. Darker than anywhere other part of the room hung the cloudy night sky. "No stars."
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