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Rated: 18+ · Book · Other · #1822451
4 teenagers embark on a mystical journey and encounter strange gods. Nanowrimo 2011 Novel.
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#739978 added November 20, 2011 at 1:06am
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Chapter 10
Evan was certain that the cave suspended the laws of physics. He saw Kalina, her figure surrounded by a soft low light. The rest of the cave was either grey, dark, or darker. This made it difficult for Evan to pick out a path that could take him straight to Kalina. Sometimes he'd take a few steps that brought him closer to her, then the path would wind away in a direction that took him further from her. Sometimes he stood on ground higher than her. Other times she'd appear somewhere above. Always she was out of reach. The oddest sensation in the world was to behold someone who stood so closely yet know they were seriously beyond reach of each other.

He could see Kalina struggle to reach him. Sometimes, she'd disappear from view and he'd wonder. Other times he could see the movement of her glow even when the cave hid her from view.

Just as he thought they'd be apart forever, Kalina appeared as though by magic. Evan thought the brightness of his personal space had expanded a bit. When Kalina appeared, he realized it was merely her light approaching his that allowed brightness to cover a wider area.

They held each other, enjoying the only soft, tactile sensation that could be found within the cave, before proceeding to search for Kevin and Joshua.

At that same moment, Kevin came upon Joshua and his book. At first, Joshua noticed a small soft light. Then the room began to light up and he could see the walls beyond. Finally, Kevin appeared. Joshua rolled his eyes skyward. "You couldn't have made it Evan or Kalina," he told a higher power.

Kevin must have made the same plea, for when he stood just inches from where Joshua sat, Kevin told Joshua, "Why'd it have to be you?"

To which Joshua replied, "Get lost."

Before Joshua could react, Kevin bent down and snatched the tome off the ground.

Joshua said, "Give it back."

Kevin cradled the tome in his arms much like a baby that's new to the world, small and reliant upon others for its care.

Joshua looked Kevin in the face. "Hey, Bully. Give the book back."

"And what are you going to do about it, Botula? Big Bro's not here to even your odds."

Joshua's face turned red at the sound of another nickname Kevin loved to use when Evan wasn't around. He could hear Kevin's voice in his head saying, "Part Dracula. Part Botulism. Botula. Pronounced Bochula."

"I hate you."

Joshua's fingers gripped the open book however Kevin's grip was stronger and consequently prevented Joshua from pulling the book away.

"Lucky for you I've got the book or else I'd pummel you." Kevin's brows frowned menacingly. "Although, the book would make a great pummel thingy. You better start showing respect. I'd be more than happy to remind you how I'm the older one. You're just a ..."

Kevin stared at the page and lost his words. Just as Joshua noticed, the landscape and deeds had changed. However the most disturbing behavior in the picture seemed to be the inverted man. The top man carried an open book by his side. The book was held by the spine such that only the front cover and the back cover. "That's me," Kevin's inner voice seemed to whisper. "I've got the book and I've opened the book. Now it's my turn to solve the riddle and see what I should've known."
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