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Look at this Dust!
*cough! cough!*

Oh my goodness, there are cobwebs in every corner in here! It's nice though, homey. Like wandering up in your grandparents' attic where it smells like warm dust and memories. Or coming home after a vacation, opening the house that's been shut up for some time, everything just as you left it before the trip.

I've just experienced that, in fact. Last week for the Thanksgiving holiday I spent seven glorious days on a 148-ft sailing yacht in the British Virgin Islands. I was with my husband and kids, and my sister and her son, and her boyfriend. We are all -- even the kids -- certified scuba divers. We dove every day, enjoying the amazing variety of fishes and marine animals, the colorful corals, and famous dive sites including the RMS Rhone, which is called the best dive wreck in the Caribbean. On two different dives we encountered 5-ft nurse sharks. They are gentle, harmless (to humans) creatures, but awe-inspiring, to say the least.

Okay, I have a newsletter to write and the clock is ticking. Hope all who wander into this dusty space enjoy a magical day!

*Heart* Nicki

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