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The first of a fictional western trilogy
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I have decided that changes must be made due to health and personal issues very soon. I'm weary of hearing "he said, she said" things, not getting more rest like the doctors have asked, wondering what is and is not true, and not getting more rest like the doctors have asked due to being hurt and/or upset. These things are malignant and childish. Many friends have been hurt by these things as well, and it breaks my heart. Real friendship is based on honesty and integrity, not deceit or pretense. I will ALWAYS be me. I refuse to play the game/s. As stated before, I am not a loyal blogger, and never will be. *Laugh* That is the one thing that won't change. *Laugh* I've finally bounced back and can say that life goes on with a brighter outlook. WRITE ON, my friends!

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