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Icon: Upgraded Membership (Small) Macros are a time-saving feature included with the WritingML formatting button bar. Macros let you click a button to enter selected text that you have previously set up as a macro. Macros are especially useful for entering repeated text and keeping it consistent. It's like having twenty extra clipboards to paste from. Macros require an Upgraded membership or above.

What are the rules for creating macros?
*Bullet* Each member may have up to 20 custom macros.
*Bullet* The text of each macro must be between 2 and 500 characters.
*Bullet* Macros are assigned to hot keys--Ctrl+0 through Ctrl+9, and Ctrl+Shift+0 through Ctrl+Shift+9. The hot key is assigned with a drop-down menu. Hot keys that are in use are indicated.
*Bullet* Each macro must be named when it is created. The name may be 3 to 17 characters long and may not include spaces.

How do I create a macro?
Select the script M button on the WritingML formatting button bar, and click on the Add link. In the drop-down form, type a name for your macro, select a Hot Key, and type the text you desire in the text box. Press Store Macro to save it.

How do I use a macro?
Macros can be invoked either of two ways. The macro text will be inserted at the cursor point.

*Bullet* Press the two or three keys for the macro you want, at the same time (hold down the Ctrl key or the Ctrl and Shift keys, and then press the numeric key). This method is fastest, but you need to memorize what each key combination is for.

*Bullet* Click the script M button on the WritingML formatting button bar to open the macro submenu, which lists your saved macros by name. Click the name of the macro you want.

Note that hovering your mouse over a macro button in the macro submenu will identify the hot keys assigned to that macro.

Can I edit an existing macro?
Yes. Select the script M button on the WritingML formatting button bar, and click on the Manage link to open the Manage Macros page. On this page you can add new macros and edit the name and text of any of your existing macros, reassign the Hot Key, or delete the macro.

Note that if you want to add a macro, edit more than one macro, or edit the same macro more than once, you may need to reload the Manage Macros page after each operation.

Does Writing.Com have any pre-set macros?
Writing.Com has assigned Ctrl+Shift+8 as a preset macro for a *Bullet*. To create all 20 macros, you would need to overwrite this macro by creating your own macro for that Ctrl+Shift+8 combination.1

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1  Updated by northernwrites; written by Jace

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