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Some of the strangest things forgotten by that Australian Blog Bloke. 2014
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Are you lonesome Elvis Presley?
I think I've been too wordy.

Do you use too many adjectives, or try to be someone larger than you really are? Stories are supposed to have impact I guess.

But how far do you take it? In my last blog entry I tried to tone this down a notch, and not put in more than one statement of meaning for something.

Isn't it a mark of someone trying to be clever for cleverness's sake, that says the same thing three times, using different wording to make it sound good... a bit like I've just done here.

Still, you have to have something to say.

Today I was thinking of people without anyone in their lives; those who will be alone over Christmas, and at other times when there's no celebration or event, times that are just ordinary, like a Wednesday in February, when nothing happens except boring work, the hump day and you didn't say hello to anyone. No, not even a nod from the newsagent counter person, because they were flat out serving a line up, and all the staff were flustered because there was fog over the airport, and the bundles of local papers didn't come in, won't till after lunch sometime.

Back to the subject! That sentence ran on into dreary boredom and subject vagueness, which is my point.

People spending their Christmas alone. That old lady up the street that you were going to visit remember? Take a packet of biscuits, or a Tupperware Rock N Serve or Heat N Eat, or microwavable container of soup, and go knock on their door.

There are homeless people of course. People in nursing homes who for sad but legitimate reasons, or for sad and selfish ones, are alone, or will be by themselves and feeling down on the day when people get together.

You may not celebrate Christmas or any other time that is special to others, and that's ok. But everyone gets down at times. And a lot of people are alone.

I once had an idea that came from concern for lonely people. It's just an idea and for a lot of reasons, impractical, unwise and unworkable.

Live chat rooms. Not sure if I've blogged on this before, but too bad. I'm prompted again to think about those sitting alone, and sad.

The idea is, instead of people being online, and enjoying chatting to others and within different groups, they go somewhere comfortable and safe, that has lots of rooms separated into subjects, ratings and company, and enjoy the company of people for real.

Lots of people can't afford computers, and don't want to learn the new technology; they may feel they are too old and set in their ways to figure it out, or don't have anyone willing to teach them.
What if people could go to a place with all these rooms, self regulated, with a swipe card entry system, a bit like a 24/7 gym.

It could be run with just one or two day staff. Have everyone who can afford it chip in a gold coin a day for power etc. Anyone homeless pay nothing.

Have it with webcams for security and for live debate sessions that people can tune into on the net. There could be advertising space rented in the field of views to pay for running costs.

The rooms could be of suggested topics, with ratings for what can be said, and how vigorous the debate, much like online chat rooms. Have people who enjoy doing it as moderators, who have the power to eject someone from participating if they don't comply with the boundaries set. Cameras and Admin panels online could resolve disputes.

The entire entity could be run like any online game. Every person who wan'ts to participate has to join up, even homeless or occasional players would need to at least get a guest pass. Then there is a level system. You start off as a noob, or newbie, a person with not much veto power, and your movements in the rooms are at least initially restricted to the lobby and a few basic subjects.

Once you have been a member for a couple of months, and been involved in the "community" and people there know you and you've proved yourself trustworthy (ie don't show violence or other anti social out of control behaviours, and you can chat / debate / argue robustly within the room guidelines without getting upset or resorting to silly rot)

Anyway it's probably a stupid idea. It's just these LONELY PEOPLE. What to do?

There are a lot of separations going on around the globe. Single parent's trying to do their best. Couples splitting up when they don't know what to do anymore. Some selfishness, but probably more just bad choices, life stuff ups, crap that happens. No book in the first place to tell you how to do stuff.

There's the Bible of course, but who reads that? Many who do read it don't understand; the ones who do understand it struggle to obey it, and some who obey it are ridiculed for doing so.

It was never meant to bring peace, not in relationships. "I came not to bring peace but a sword". Now, there's an irony.

The peace advocated is the inner one of the soul, that comes when we learn lessons of humbleness, giving and forgiving.

But, the user manual for unwise or pressured marriages, the instruction booklet for bringing up your kids when you've mucked everything up? Where's the bit of paper out of a fortune cookie that says, DUDE! Don't be depressed! Take your son and daughter to the beach and break the law, light a little fire, have FUN!

Where's the flyer that falls out of the local paper, that has a big list of stuff you can do with your wife and kids, partner if you're same sex, the flyer saying: Here's a list of good fun stuff to do that does not cost you money or require a license fee, no need to think about safety with your head full of common sense, just go and be with your folks.

There's that relationship status setting people put on their Facebook.

It's complicated.

That's how life is, and our marriage with the claws of life. We cling on, strive, try our butts off, struggle and keep getting up after being slapped down.
All of us do this. Even, or perhaps ESPECIALLY the suicidal. They have tried for a long time. They have tried. But are so tired.

And what of those alone? What of the fringe dwellers? How about the homeless?

What about the criminals who were sorry long ago, and the ones who were never guilty? What about the ones who know deep inside that they are guilty, but they have never been caught? What will they be doing on Christmas day, and how will they feel? Do you think they'll enjoy the day, even if at a gala dinner or whatever it is in high society?

As Neil Young sings in The Needle and The Damage Done; "Junkies are a setting sun" and the anesthetic, whatever it is that pushes reality away will eventually wear off, and sadly for many, that happens too late, when the living ashes that had a time of choosing, are back in that state of no possible response again.

Where is the rules in society that make that illegal? Where is the local statutory guideline forbidding people to be left alone, to feel lonely?

Some beautiful words I heard today.

Why do we close our eyes when we pray, cry, kiss or dream?

Because the most beautiful things in life are not seen, but felt only by the heart.

So perhaps there is the simple answer to all the confusion, with this blog's diatribe no exception.

Close our eyes for a moment and be alone with just our own thoughts. Then, when we are in this quiet, private state (and perhaps as Solivagus says, we have to resort to having a shower to find this privacy well so be it) , and while alone, think of those who are always alone and who will be alone this Christmas.

We may not be believers, but would it really hurt to think thoughts towards someone who could be with those alone? God for example.

So, this Christmas day, for one reason or another, and not necessarily so noble or unselfish of us, but we'll have over some "strays", some friends who for one reason or another are alone, and also a widow.

My wife nursed the old lady's husband while he died of cancer. They lived across the road from us, but have moved away a bit now. Another one of those believe it or not things, something that happened when her husband passed away. But that's another story.

I hope you or someone in your street won't be by yourself this Christmas. If you are, then please hop on WDC and tell people.

That's why the Earth was set up with a rolling time zone thing.

So that there will always be someone awake, for you to talk to, so that you are not alone.

Isn't that right brin ? Someone can be online at 1:30 am in the USA and talking to someone whose on WDC in Australia.

No need to be alone. That's the message of Christmas, and, I think, of the whole philosophy of writing.

Don't be ashamed to say it, to someone, this Christmas or any other time, even those alone. Even if you are alone, after your shower, you could even say it to the one in the mirror.

I Love You


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