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Looks like I may have a ton of these, so this is collection 1 of Reflections
#808677 added March 6, 2014 at 4:57pm
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2 -Sunday Movie News Review and The Quills!
The Sunday News!
Prompt for March 2, 2014
Provide your thoughts/opinions on a newspaper/magazine article or a radio/television news story from the past week.

Taking a bit of creative license, haven't watched the news much and can't remember the last newsy article I read about recent events, but these two stories are news worthy.

I first heard about it from The Bert Show   but it's quickly gaining traction amongst WDCers also. See "Note: This is a MUST for ALL poets!..." and "Note: I just want to share one poem w...".

14 yr old Jordan Nichols   best answered Jeff is Buzz Lightyear 's Emily 's question from last month ("20: Generation Z Haiku): How do you predict people of the future will remember the reputation of the generation of teens living today?

Well, give us about 50,000 more Jordans and they just might become "the peak of mankind".

Second, also spawned by TBS I haven't seen a single episode but I know all about the failure of this season's Bachelor. Now an up and coming Atlanta Lawyer that was a contestant is going to be the next Bachelorette.

This is interesting to me as I come from Atlanta and because there's been lots of controversy surrounding her "dumbing down" on the show. Fact is, I know a ton of women who dumb down and sell themselves short in general just to impress a guy. I doubt she'll do that on her season. Here's hoping she doesn't come across as a colossal dog because of it. Shame but it's hard for females in the public eye to be accurately portrayed as effectively walking that line between deservedly confident and egotistically b*t3hy.....

Moody Blue: Needs an Upgrade made me cry and hate war even more with "Invalid Entry. Myles looks SO like his dad, yet another fallen soldier that never saw his baby grow up......

UPDATE: Hold the press. New amazing news update: http://blackdoctor.org/426701/couple-loses-over-500lbs/7/
I've always wanted a man to do this with. *tear* I'm soooo happy for them!!!!!
In honor of the Oscars tonight, talk about your favorite movie from last year (2013).

My local dollar theatre   is playing the Oscars for free tonight! I should go, but probably wont....

Thanks to Agent J for reminding me of Iron Man 3 and Thor: The Dark World in "Invalid Entry. I love X-Men but The Wolverine movie, though entertaining enough, just annoyed me. I am PUMPED for X-Men Days of Future Past  !!! Love me some young Prof. X, not sure if I dig Storms new Kate Gosselin haircut   though....

Full list of movies I enjoyed enough to mention: Star Trek: Into Darkness, HG:Catching Fire, After Earth, Now You See Me, This Is The End, Ender's Game, Escape Plan (was ok), Epic, The Croods, Despicable Me 2, 47 Ronin, The Best Man Holiday, The Lone Ranger (actually pretty lame but Depps fun to watch), Grown Ups 2 (again so-so), PJ: Sea of Monsters (was afraid the 1st one sucked too bad for another to be made so quickly, not great, but glad they made it), WW Z (not my fav zombie movie but Pitt's always fun to look at), White House Down (HILARIOUS), The Internship (cute), Olympus Has Fallen, Warm Bodies (amazing in that it truly surprised me), H&G: Witch Hunters (cute, fun action choreography), Red 2


That's my favorite, right there.
I love my superheros but I'm giving it to Red. I didn't know Red was based off DC Comics. In line with Batman and The Punisher, there's much to be said about superheros without super powers. Just everyday peeps running around kicking butt and not caring about names. I PRAY that I'm as virile as Willis, Malkovitch, Mirren, Hopkins, and Freeman when I'm their ages!!! Seriously, Helen Mirren is my hero! Want to be like her when I grow up: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1821694/

List continued: Grudge Match (meh), Oz The Great and Powerful (graphics were nice, china doll story line was cute, but not so great overall), G.I. Joe: Retaliation (about as good as the 1st one, not very memorable but worth the watch), R.I.P.D., Redemption (best Statham movie of the year), Hangover III (funny, but glad that's over), Identity Thief, A Good Day to Die Hard (no such thing as too much Bruce W.), The Call, and I'm done.

I waded through the first 200 out of 8,729 titles from 2013. http://www.imdb.com/search/title?year=2013,2013&title_type=feature&sort=moviemet...

There are also a ton of movies I still want to see from last year.
Other lists: http://movies.yahoo.com/blogs/movie-news/25-best-movies-2013-073214602.html

Update: How could I forget A Madea Christmas?! Forget imdb's 4/10 I loved it, especially considering Witness Protection was a major flop, and applaud T. Perry for attacking the interracial marriage elephant in the proverbial room called planet earth.
O yes, and The Heat! Forgot what that was for a sec, I love McCarthy and was somewhat braced for the overt profanity, but I expected better from the duo. Something on par with the Fey/Phoeler Baby Mama movie. Then again they've been working together for years so.... Almost a shame Miss Congeniality was better. Not because Miss Congeniality wasn't amazing, but because you had 2 powerhouses in this one.
O o yea, and Gangster Squad was pretty good! Sean Penn was amazing as usual. It just baffles me how one man can play such a range of characters. From a gay man, to a mentally handicapped dad, to one of the most notorious gangsters of all time?! Nice.
Dang, Snitch was good too! Not my fav Dwayne Johnson role, but he's still pretty to look at.
The list totally changes when you organize it by "US Box Office"!

Since I been wanting to see Gravity, I put it on my holds list for my library....I'm #114 out of 12 available copies. Yep, it's probably that good.
Other holds
#50/12 for Frozen - it isn't even out yet! Totally thought I'd get the jump.....
#17/12 for Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug
Anchorman 2 isn't up yet so I'm #12/2 for the first one. I only saw it once and don't remember much....figure it'll be good for a chuckle or two.
#4/12 for Cloudy WACOM 2 - that's right, I love animation, what of it!?
#24/8 for Elysium
#4/8 for Kick-Ass 2
Available: The World's End "6 - Snow, OS', and Princesses

To Watch Eventually
ION: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO THE SNOW IS BAAACK!!! It's quiet out but them flakes are falling with a vengeance!

This Liquipel AD is frightening on sooo many levels, but impressive! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u_1-riIi0cI

Church Prompt:
Fellowship vs. Showmanship
Yes some ppl (like me) get excited when they speak that does NOT mean they should not be listened to. You can't control how some one speaks to you, but you CAN control how you accept or even if you accept what they are saying.

Granted that overtly "Gospel preaching" read as 'yelling' can become farsical and perceived as "over the top" but you can't it's very dangerous to automatically discredit/ignore those types of speakers.

The 7th Annual Quill Awards Ceremony  (13+)
Recognizing quality work and community service in 2013, to be held 2 March 2014 at 1pm
#1975906 by Andrew

blainecindy did a marvelous job today:
Blogs are like online journals and writers have been keeping journals for hundreds of years. The oldest recorded journal can be traced back to 56 AD China. In 1994 the journal morphed into the online diary. No longer was the diary kept under lock and key (blainecindy-Going to Quills! )

It was there on the internet, right out in the open, for all the world to see. Ever since 1994 what was once known as the online diary, we now know as the blog. The blog is not only just a journal, but it is also an actual conversation. (blainecindy-Going to Quills! )

Not only do we write, but we can also communicate with each other. So it's not surprising why the blog is so popular in today's society. In the past couple years, the blogging community of WDC has flourished, and I'm so excited and proud to be part of it.

And glad there was a Reviewing award. Patrick said it well:
A Writing.com review is an opportunity for a member to give important and critical feedback about a fellow member's work. (PatrickB )

But it also increases the reviewer's own ability to recognize techniques, discover flaws, and present this information to the author in a constructive way that honors the mandate of honest, encouraging, and respectful criticism. (PatrickB )

Additionally, a Writing.com review is judged as a piece of creative writing itself by an audience of other authors/reviewers, and has a great capacity to influence the process of reviewing. (PatrickB )

In response to "Note: Get pumped for the Quills! [Lin..." I enjoyed listening, not only to Matt Bird MSci (Hons) AMRSC 's two YouTube videos but to Hans Zimmer during the Quills   as well.

Overall, quite a success, WDC is truly fortunate to have Andrew as an engaged member!

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