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A third attempt at this blogging business.
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This one's about propaganda, a crow, and rainbows.
30DBC PROMPT: "Are Bloggers Better Than US Spies?"  

What's up folks? I'm comin' at you live, on location at my mom's...made it safely to Western New York a little earlier, had some pizza, and I'm kinda sorta tired, so I'm gonna keep this quick tonight.

I know this much...I wanna make all my "online aliases" as cool as "Brown Moses". But I've been using the only one I have for far too long now to ever feel like changing it.

Seriously though...most of this is over my head. Where are these vigilante journalists getting their facts and ideas from? Brother Nature cobbles together a Blog Mob on WDC and no one gets taken out, yet somehow these people have all this crazy clandestine information. I don't get it.

Also, remember awhile back when we were talking about conspiracy theories ("This one's about options, a memory, and a conspiracy.)? Now might be a good time to remind people of the idea that the public is usually privy to 5% of all there is to know about something, and you can't always trust what you read on the internet (unless, of course, it's this chunk of internet madness that you use as a source of getting your daily whatever from *Wink*).

It must be nice to have all this time to devote to trying to figure out who shot down a plane on the other side of the planet. It's even more special when the only thing of note that simple minds like me can make any sense of is "Russia lied." Did you think you were gonna get the truth, or that they'd be like, "Nyet...he's cool, he is civilian" and they'd just start spittin' state secrets? Right my man...when you're done playin' junior sleuth, I've got some of my personal WDC Awardicons to sell you.

In my opinion, this is just more propaganda...but it's unclear what they're trying to do. Maybe the game's more advanced, making things easier for hacks to get information while real spies are doing much harder and more detailed work. Then again, I don't know anything about this kinda stuff. I'm not a blogger who's out to save the world one dirty secret about lying counterparts across the globe at a time. I'll leave that up to Brown Moses and whatever his agenda is.

BCF PROMPT: "In Aesop's fable about the crow and the pitcher, a thirsty bird happens upon a vessel of water, but when he tries to drink from it, he finds the water level out of his reach. Not strong enough to knock over the pitcher, the bird drops pebbles into it -- one at a time -- until the water level rises enough for him to drink his fill. What do you think? Can a crow actually do this or is it really a fable? Let's hear what your theory is..."

I also don't know much about birds, so why not? Why wouldn't a crow be smart enough to do something like that? Of course, that's a lot of work, and it could potentially make the crow thirstier...having rocks in your mouth I assume would do that. And who leaves a pitcher of water laying around with barely enough in it that the crow can't reach it, yet it's still enough that he can't knock it over? What kind of triple-breed crow is this?

Tell you what...if it were me and I was having this problem, I'd be making my way over to pool, or a lake, or some other place where water flows like...water should. None of this screwin' around with water levels or rocks or all that effort just for a few measly drops tainted by whatever dirt and crap is on these pebbles. No half-steppin', Aesop. Nothing's worth doing if it's not done right, or something.



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*Clouds* "Write about the rainbows in your clouds."

Is there such a thing? I got stuck in the rain yesterday waiting for the bus at school. Apparently the TC3 campus is undergoing some renovations to their main entrance, making it virtually impossible to see the bus from anywhere except literally the boarding point. Time to invest in an umbrella, I guess. That's the one and only time I'll endorse snow over rain...when I absolutely must be outside waiting or walking in either one, snow isn't quite as soaking. Otherwise, snow can go fuck itself every other chance it gets.

Y'all know I'm not a silver linings-type of brotha. I have the tendency to see too often life at face value rather than all the hidden joys that occur only when you see things in a certain light and under special conditions. Where you wanna see a rainbow, I see the inconvenience. It's what I do and how I'm wired. Sure, there's good things in life...and I'm not immune to them. They just don't involve clouds. The rainbows in my clouds aren't rainbows in my clouds...I just don't know what all they are yet. It's taken me nearly 39 years to see past the rain, so gimme a li'l more time before I'm ready to move on to the rainbows.

You're Drunk

Not much else to report today...spending three-plus hours in a car can do that. Not sure if I'll get to anyone else's entries tonight, but I'll definitely try to catch up on Sunday once I'm back home and settled. Peace, As Salaam Alaikum, and GOODNIGHT NOW!!

Ummm, is this person serious?

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