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Request a Deceased Member Be Memorialized
To request that a deceased member's account be memorialized, the family must mail the site the member's username and a copy of the death certificate. The site's contact information is available in "Contact Writing.Com.

When an account is memorialized:
*Bullet* The portfolio icon turns white. A white feather icon shows when larger sizes of the portfolio icon are displayed. Regular CostumIcons are not displayed. See "Portfolio Icons.

*Bullet* The account is maintained as-is at its current membership level. No further paid membership fees are required.

*Bullet* The account is locked from log-ins. All private areas of the account, including email, are no longer accessible.

*Bullet* All items are frozen and cannot be edited or posted to, except that Forum items set to allow others to post can still be posted to.

*Bullet* Visible items set to allow rating and/or reviewing can still be rated and/or reviewed.

*Bullet* If the Notebook tab is set to allow access, other members can still post to it. Such posts do not appear in the Newsfeeds.

*Bullet* If a Group item has a valid Group Succession Plan and someone notifies Staff of this, the Group item and any other designated items will be transferred as the plan indicates. See "Transfer a Group To Another Member.

In the Authors listing with the sort option of Highest Level First, memorialized accounts are listed after Preferred Authors and before Registered Authors.1

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