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Book Entries
Icon: Upgraded Membership (Small) After you have created your Book item, the next step is to add chapters or other subdivisions of the book content to individual Book entries.

*Bullet* Book items with no entries are not listed in the site listings.
*Bullet* Book items with no entries do not display a Review area and cannot receive reviews, ratings, or email comments.

Add an Entry
To add an entry to the Book item, click on the Add an Entry button. This button can be found just below the header at the top of the Book item main page, at the bottom of the Book item main page, and in the Book's Item Tools menu (click on the gear icon at the upper right of the item page or at the right side of the item information in your portfolio listing). The Add an Entry button opens the Add an Entry form. Fill out the form. The methods available for uploading your work into the Add an Entry form are described in "How To Upload Writing. Use one of the save options at the bottom to save the entry.

Entries are assigned their own ID numbers when they are created. To link to an entry, use the entry's ID number in the entry tag. See WritingML Help for entry.

Entries follow the Advanced formatting options currently set in the Book item for Default Spacing vs Preserve Spacing, and Single Space Paragraphs vs Double Space Paragraphs.

To organize the entries in the Book item and/or to set up a custom format for the main page of the Book item, continue with the directions in "Manage a Book.

Using the Entry Tools Menu
While viewing an existing entry, click on the gear icon at the top right of the entry to open its Entry Tools menu. These tools apply to the individual entry.

Note that the gear icon at the top right above the Book's header information opens the Book's Item Tools menu. Those tools are for dealing with the main page of the Book item and with other aspects of the Book as a whole.

To edit an existing entry, click on Edit Entry to open the create/edit entry page. When finished making changes, scroll to the bottom and click Complete Edit or Save and Edit.

*Bullet* If editing an entry takes a long time, your session might time out, which could cause the Complete Edit or Save and Edit entry operation to fail with an access error. You can keep your session active by using the Save and Edit option every 5-10 minutes, or by keeping the Messenger/Scroll window open in another window (it automatically refreshes regularly). The site also recommends using the browser add-on for Lazarus form recovery to help prevent losing your work when working online.

*Bullet* If a Complete Edit entry operation processes with no error messages but the reloaded entry page does not appear to contain the just edited content, try refreshing the entry page.

To delete an individual entry, click on Delete Entry to open the Delete Entry page. Complete the delete process as directed. Reviews and ratings for a deleted entry will remain in the Book item although the reviews will show "Invalid Entry" instead of the title of the deleted entry.

To spell check an individual entry, click on Spellcheck. The spell check feature is also available at the bottom of the create/edit entry page.

To get a word count for the individual entry, click on Word Count. Pop-ups must be enabled for the site.

To export the contents of the individual entry to HTML, click on Export to HTML and follow the directions in the pop-up window. Pop-ups must be enabled for the site. Note that the contents of the entries are not included in the Export to HTML feature in the Book's Item Tools menu. That option is for exporting the content of the Book's Item Body field only.

*Bullet* A Static item cannot be converted or moved into an entry in a Book item. The content of the Static item can be moved to a new entry by hand using the copy/paste method. Reviews and ratings of the Static item cannot be moved to the entry. Reviews can be saved to your computer. Using the right-click option to save each page of the Static item's Reviews listing is the most efficient method.
*Bullet* An entry cannot be moved from one Book item to another Book item. The content of an entry can be moved to a new entry by hand using the copy/paste method. Reviews and ratings cannot be moved.

Using Entry Access Restrictions or Entry Passkeys
An entry has the option of having its own access restrictions and passkey option in addition to the access restrictions and passkey option for the Book item itself. To access an entry, a viewer must meet the access restrictions or passkey option for the Book item, as well as any additional restrictions set for the entry. See "Access Restrictions and "Passkeys for more information.

If the access restrictions and passkey option that are set for the Book item will also work for the entry, please ignore the entry access restrictions and passkey options. These options are intended for circumstances where an entry needs different/additional restrictions from the rest of the Book item and/or other entries.

To view any page of a Book item, the viewer must meet the access requirements set for the Book item. The link for an entry that has its own access restrictions will not appear in the automated TOC listings of the Book item if the viewer does not also meet the entry's set of requirements. In a Custom format, the Link for such an entry will be visible, but such a viewer will not be able to access the entry.

Using double passkeys is complicated. If a particular viewer needs a passkey to view the Book item and a passkey to view an individual entry, and is provided a link to that entry, the viewer will be asked to provide each passkey separately before being allowed to access the entry. The passkeys can be entered in any order, but both must be entered.

Reviews for Entries
Book items can receive reviews for the main page of the Book item, and can also receive reviews for each individual entry.

The Review area on the Book item's main page or on any page displaying multiple entries is the Review area for the Book item as a whole.

To review an individual entry, the reviewer must be viewing that individual entry on its own page with its own Review area. In a Book item that uses a TOC format which displays entries on the main page of the book, the reviewer must click on the title of the entry to display the page with just that entry and its own Review area.

All ratings are combined and the average is displayed in the Book item header according to the item's review/rating setting. Entries do not display individual rating information. For more information, see "Rating/Reviewing Preferences.

All reviews are listed in the item's Reviews list linked in the Item Tools menu. Reviews for individual entries identify that entry in the Review header. To show only reviews for an individual entry, its entry ID number can be entered in the search box for the Reviews listing.

Reviews Requests can be made for Book items using the item ID number, or for individual entries by using the entry ID number. For the Review Request to be processed, the review must be sent from the page submitted with the Review Request. For more information, see "Review Requests.

If an AutoReward is set for a Book item, the AutoReward will be paid for a first review of the Book item as a whole, and for a first review of each individual entry. For more information, see "Auto-Rewards.1

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