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Faith to journey as God leads into unknown territories and situations. Where am I going?
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Grand And Wonderful Day! :-)
I was up earlier than usual today. The sun hadn't made an appearance yet there was light. Viewing the sky was like seeing colors intertwined through out the vast beautiful blue sky. As these ribbons of orangish and pinkish colors displayed their gloriously decorated gowns, I could feel God reaching out to me with a huge generous smile and hug. Yes, this was going to be a grand and wonderful day.

Excited and pleased about my appointment, I fed my animal family, fed me, then went outside with my service dog, Bella, who was very happy to roam around looking for that perfect place. As she was searching I was watching and enjoying the rising of the sun. My decision was to do my best to get up early regularly because seeing a display like this is a treasure of art which is unsurpassed. The picture won't be the same tomorrow but it will be well worth the price of admission which is waking up early. God is good all the time. I can see this and therefore know this when I witness the beautiful art which is displayed day and night for every human being on this planet earth. There is no charge or requirement for enjoying His art work.

Now that I'm not top of the mountain I can see and enjoy much better the wonderful coloring art He gifts to us. This has made me miss my art work. For a short time longer, my art materials are in storage. So I'll enjoy all of nature and wait until it's time to get back into doing art again. I'm getting a bit off track, so should return to the subject at hand, ready, lets go!

My appointment is within a few hours, the transportation is available and scheduled for 8:00am, so now all I need to do is be ready. Gathering what I need will take the rest of the time I have before my ride arrives, I'd better get with the program and complete these tasks. Bella needs her service dog equipment, I need my folding wheelchair and the cushion, the transfer board, my hat and sunglasses, water to drink, water for Bella, my medical supplies, and I think that;s everything. Oops, the keys! Ok, now I have...I need Bella's fleece, got it. Time for a road trip.

When my friend arrived we decided maybe getting me off the ramp landing would be quite a challenge. All of the ramp is completed except for the last few feet because another friend got sick for several days. Another week has passed and still things are slow or no go. Hopefully this week the ramp should be finished and another project started.

Fortunately , my friend Mary, my transportation friend, and another friend was available to get me off the landing so that I could transfer into her car.

Wow, I was amazed at how well the road had been graded. Because of the rain we've been having here this season, many roads were seriously damaged. Some were so severely washed out that it was almost impossible to get from point A to point B, which was the state my road was in for weeks. Experiencing and seeing the road in such great shape was almost like having a party. No longer were the vehicles bottoming out as they were driven up the hill to my place. I took such a trip when I first was able to get home. Several weeks have passed and now I'm headed to my meeting, raining down blessings from heaven again.

Perhaps it is about 10 or more miles we traveled and then we were at our destination. My joy soured as I rolled into the building. Many things seemed familiar and yet, I felt like I was on a different planet. The Church of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints has the same protocol everywhere you go through out the United States and as I recall, the world. The buildings are different shapes and sizes, but the church services, classes, and other church related activities are familiar no matter where you go to church. Now you know the rest of the story, I had an appointment with Heavenly Father at church which was the main thing which made me day so spectacular and amazingly wonderful. Being with my church family although they were new to me, was wonderful. We greeted each other and then church started. Being with God is like getting hugged all day. I look forward to many Sundays with Heavenly Father at church. God is good all the time. Safe travels and many blessings.

P.S. I know for myself and because of my many experiences that God is everywhere and that spending time with Heavenly Father doesn't require a special meeting place. It is nice to fellowship with like minded Christians and pray together. For where two or more are gathered, there am I in their midst.

Viv (dogpack) & Bella (service dog)
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