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Entries for various Blog Challenges.I will be expressing my hopes,dreams and fantasies.
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Promptly Potter Quotes Story/Poem Challenge Day 12
Prompt: October extinguished itself in a rush of howling winds and driving rain and November arrived, cold as frozen iron, with hard frosts every morning and icy drafts that bit at exposed hands and faces.

I will be writing Fan Fiction and this is about Dark Shadows. The original series. My favorite show.

Victoria Winters was raised as an orphan and grew up in an orphanage. She landed a job as a governess to young David Collins and became a valued member of the Collins Family. A trip to the past, being condemned and hung as a witch and bought back to the present. Angelique, the real witch, got away with the crime. Angelique had put a curse on Barnabas and was jealous of any woman who loved Barnabas. She had Barnabas' uncle Jeremiah and Barnabas' bride to be Josette fall in love with Jeremiah. Barnabas shot Jeremiah and Josette later threw herself off Widows Hill. Barnabas' ten year old sister died of a fever and Angelique had Barnabas turned into a vampire. Barnabas' mother had died along with his aunt. Victoria felt a cold chill. She had fallen in love with Peter Bradford, her lawyer and he was in the present as well. They ended up going back to the past but Victoria was unhappy in the past. Everyone thought she was a witch still and she and Jeff lived in a run down cottage and she stayed home. She was afraid to leave her cottage. Peter wasn't accepted, either. Sadly, Peter was killed by villagers and Victoria was tied to a tree and going to be burned as a witch by the villagers. A thunder storm happened and Victoria went back to the present and she saw a portal of fire and it disappeared. She had heard a voice say she could never return to the past. The gate was closed, the portal to the past sealed forever. Victoria was glad. She wanted to stay in the present. The past was unkind.

Elizabeth Stoddard had confessed Victoria is her daughter and her father was Bill Mallory. She never left Collinwood and only two maids knew about Victoria. Victoria was hurt that Elizabeth had given her up for adoption but she was happy to have Elizabeth's daughter Carolyn for a sister. She had forgiven Elizabeth and was glad she was her mother. Victoria had a new life and she had fallen in love with Barnabas and they were getting married. She knew he was a vampire and only she, Doctor Julia Hoffman and Willie Loomis, Barnabas' care taker knew. Barnabas was no longer a vampire. Julia had cured Barnabas. Victoria was happy. There were still ghosts at Collinwood and Angelique was dead or at least no longer around. Victoria was walking over to Barnabas' house, her house as well. The old house. She was going to love living there with Barnabas.

Victoria was walking in the woods. Winter would be here soon. She heard the wind and the ocean waves crashing. October extinguished itself in a rush of howling winds and driving rain and November arrived, cold as frozen iron, with hard frosts every morning and icy drafts at exposed hands and faces. Victoria felt like someone had walked over her grave. SHE SAW HER. ANGELIQUE!

Angelique, beautiful, blonde and laughing. The evil witch.

"My Dear Miss Winters, you are back. So, you are going to marry Barnabas. My Barnabas. He is mine. You will never have him."

"Why are you here? You are dead. Barnabas doesn't love you. After two hundred years, you know that. Just go. Leave us be."

"Poor Miss Winters. Victoria, Barnabas is mine." Angelique made sparks appear. "I am taking over your body, mind and soul. Everyone will think I am you. I will look exactly like you. You will live in the portrait Barnabas had painted of you. When I look in the mirror, I will see myself. No one else will. You will see Barnabas and me when ever we are in the room with the portrait of you that you will be trapped in. Good Bye, Miss Victoria Winters."

Angelique entered Victoria's body. She was Victoria now. Now, to get to the old house and get a dazed Victoria in the portrait. Angelique hurried her pace and made it to the old house dragging Victoria with her. They looked like twins. No one was around as they walked through the door. She went to Victoria's portrait and Victoria entered the portrait. She was trapped in the portrait. Angelique smiled. Now, for the real test.

Barnabas saw his "Victoria" and embraced her and passionately kissed her. Angelique was so happy and she saw Victoria crying. She was the only one who could see this. Barnabas and "Victoria" married. He had no idea that he married Angelique. Angelique acted so sweet just like Victoria and hide her evil side. She was nice to Elizabeth and Carolyn. She liked being Victoria. She got to have Barnabas this way. Barnabas was surprised that "Victoria" wanted to make love all the time in the same room where her portrait was. The real Victoria cried inside the portrait and only Angelique could hear her. Angelique finally had Barnabas' love, heart and soul. The cold winds of October and early winter signs had made it possible for Angelique to use her spell to exchange places with Victoria. The beauty of being a witch.

Beautiful Gothic woman and wolves image chosen by my friend Hannah.

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