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"Putting on the Game Face"
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Don't Get Me Started
I used to be a moderate Democrat.

That came to an end when the party focus shifted to patronizing the rich and poor to the exclusion of the middle class. The Left has become the new aristocracy and they depended too much on the votes of poor minorities to secure their base.

In repudiating the middle class, which was historically the locus of the Democrat's power, they made a huge mistake as evidenced in the recent election. Swing states which have traditionally gone Democratic went for President Trump. President Obama acknowledged as much in the aftermath.

The Left has coopted the Democratic Party and led them over the past eight years into a downward spiral. When President Obama took office eight years ago the Democrats had the House, the Senate and the Presidency. Thinking they had a mandate the Obama Administration squandered the political capital at their disposal.

From the beginning the Obama Administration floundered on the rocks of Universal Health care and long after it was demonstrated that The Affordable Health Care Act was unworkable the Administration kept doubling down on it. Instead of focusing on the issues the Trump Administration has chosen to champion, Obama kept driving the ship of state deeper into the shoals of a terribly implemented Obama Care until it floundered on the eve of the Republican's victory. When voters woke up and saw their health care premiums skyrocketing that was the final nail in the coffin.

After a closely contested football game it is common for the Monday Morning Quarterbacks to seize on the last link in the chain of failures that decided the game. For example the game was lost in the waining seconds because the Field Goal Kicker missed the uprights. Obama care alone was not responsible for the Democrat's defeat. There were many other nails, almost all self -inflicted that played a role in the Trump Victory.

Note that I say Trump Victory and not Republican Victory. The Republicans might be wallowing in the glory but they deserve little of the credit. Had it not been for the ineptitude of the Democrats through the course of the last eight years the Republicans would have never triumphed. There was only one Republican in that field of sixteen hopefuls that could have defeated Hillary Clinton.

Only Trump managed to energize the populist base that led to his victory. This base was the middle class, a constituency the New Aristocracy despises. Despite Union Leaders being solidly behind the Democrats, the rank and file revolted and turned out for Trump. Concurrently the minorities failed to turn out in the numbers needed to counterbalance the defection.

The Democrats continue to be ruled by the Extreme Left and cannot admit that they are in any way responsible for the defeat they suffered. They blame it on the Russians.... if any sensible person could believe that.

Consider this. The Soviets understand what it is to act upon their National Interests. Ask yourself how the interests of the Soviet Union could be served by a strong American President. Russia has been on the ascendancy the past eight years because of a weak America. It is no secret that historically the Soviets have fostered groups in the United States to promote a socialist ideology. So why would they want a staunch Capitalist as president who might just reignite our economy. Why indeed when they could have eight more years of a left leaning regime enamored with European socialism? Hillary Clinton was the answer to their prayers and not someone they would be inclined to bring down.

Regardless of who did the hacking , it did nothing more than reveal the truth of what insiders to the Democratic Machine really believed. The hacked emails showed the truth of what was really motivating the lever pullers. They coined the term "Deplorables." Whoever the hackers were, we should be grateful for their assistance in revealing the truth. What the "Inner Circle Emails" showed was their contempt for the average American. Is it any wonder that the Middle Class finally woke up and expressed their disgust in the voting booth?

Ask yourself this. If it wasn't the Russians doing the hacking then who did? Again I go beck to the question of National Interests. If the Soviets National Interests were not being threatened then who's were?. Its sort of like following the money to determine what is really going on behind the scenes. What nation had its National Interests threatened most by the Obama Administration and the capability to do something about it? The answer is so obvious I won't insult your intelligence.

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