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ScreenShots ~ 3.#1 ACTIVELY EDITING


(All ACTIONS are colored in Red)

Ever tried to explain to someone what you're seeing on your computer screen, only to have them scratch their head, unable to visualize it? Just send them a picture of your screen, aka a screenshot. Screenshots are easy! I promise. Might be slightly different on your PC, but I think I recall a PC correctly. Me and my iPad are *Inlove* (I will also include the iPad procedure below.)
Tee hee wheeeeee

Top RIGHT of your Keyboard, There Should be a KEY That Says PRINT SCREEN

                             *BurstG* Once on the page / window / area you'd like a picture of, hit PRINT SCREEN once. 1

                             *BurstG* On your keyboard, choose and HOLD DOWN the CTRL key. Now, hit the the 'C' key, to make a Copy,
                                   then let the CTRL & C keys go.

                             *BurstG* OPEN a BLANK PAGE in MS WORD (or whatever word processing software or app you use) and
                                   (making sure you have your blinking cursor in the body of the document) hit the CTRL key & HOLD it
                                   again; now, choose the 'V' key.
This will Paste your selection into a Word Document.

You should now have a Picture 'Shot' of the 'Screen' you wanted—a SCREENSHOT.
You can NAME the Word document and then PRINT it, or Name & Save it.
Alternately, you may be able to RIGHT CLICK on the image and choose SAVE AS an Image.
Depends on your PC & SW (software).

Forgettabout I Think I Can!


                             (1). Send me a Screenshot of YOUR Portfolio.

                                     Where do I send it?
                               For this lesson, you can EMAIL it to me by CLICKING on the WHITE/TAN ENVELOPE next
                               to my name here *Right* Whata WorkinOnIt .

                               This will magically transport you to your site email, and will open a COMPOSE MESSAGE
                               (dialog) box. Just type in whata (like that) in the TO: Area. You ATTACH your photo by clicking
                               on the ATTACH, then the CHOOSE FILE button. CHOOSE the picture you just saved to your
                               system to send to me (the Screenshot), and HIT SEND. Voila!

                             (2). Send a Screenshot of something that's both PG-13 *Thumbsupl* and totally random—
                             your choice! Je t'aime chats *Cat2*

                             (3). Don't FORGET to POST That You Completed The MISSION for The Screenshots Lesson
"WhataLand!!! Free Points & a Merit Badge for THIS Lesson *Bigsmile*

Not bad...

                        KEY Definitions:
                    'C' in computer lingo (as pertains to this lesson) means COPY.
                    'X' means CUT if you'd rather cut the picture, instead of copying it.
                    'V' means PASTE (like the V at the end of a tube of toothpaste. Weird, I know.)
                    You can hold down the CTRL & 'A' keys simultaneously to SELECT / Highlight ALL on the PAGE.

                    This is old school stuff, but it works for most people with most keyboards... excellent for reporting error
                    messages in the system at the
"Technical Support Forum *Whistle*


Clappity clap clap

                       ADVANCED Lesson Note & MISSION:
                   If you have a 'Premium' membership, you could then
LOAD the picture to your Photo Album, and
                   ATTACH it in the "WhataLand forum by using the {photo:1047480} link, replacing my numbers
                   with those of your photo. (I like using lotsa images, hence the fun with the Premium, but it also runs
                   my iPad faster onsite, the Premium, so is practical with my shoddy wi-fi. Me must be fast *Ha*.)

                   If you have a Premium or Premium Plus membership and would like help with the Photo Album
                   capabilities onsite, just let me know...

                   BONUS! - iPad Procedure:
                   While on the screen you want to take a Screenshot (picture) of,
press the round HOME Button and
                   the SLEEP/WAKE (ON / OFF) Button SIMULTANEOUSLY.
Your screen will FLASH briefly, and possibly
                   make a CLICK sound when successful.2 You may have to try this a few times, but once you get the
                   hang of it, yup—easy beesies *Bigsmile*

                   If you have NO HOME BUTTON, press the
                   with the VOLUME UP button until you hear the CLICK
. Ta-da!

Cutie patootey

Written By: Whata
Original Lesson Posted: 3-4-2017
Revised: 9-15-2019

1  One member (known only as 'that blue dude') says you must hold down the CTRL + PRINT SCREEN keys SIMULTANEOUSLY at this first step. You can try it-- it may be a geographical thing. Computers are so multiple-personaliteed! *Ha* Thanks!
2  IF your SOUNDS are turned ON *Wink*

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