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Spacing ~ 11.#4
Space, the roomy frontier.

Use 5-10 emoticons and put different spaces between them.

*Burstb* Spacing can be done two ways


Use the Indent Tab on the Bar Code which is a box of lines with an arrow,
or you can write it like this >> {indent}

Single Space

Using the Space Tab on the Bar Code which is a skinny blank box,
or you can write it like this {s}
or like this {s:2} The number corresponds to the number of spaces you want

*Burstb* Examples:

Indenting once
*Candy1*          *Candy1*

Indenting twice
*Candy1*                    *Candy1*

Single brackets {s}
*Candy2* *Candy2*

Single brackets with a space on the outside _{s}_
*Candy2*   *Candy2*

Double brackets {s}{s}
*Candy3*  *Candy3*

Triple brackets with spaces between {s}_{s}_{s}
*Candy4*     *Candy4*

Seven spaces with one bracket {s:7}
*Candy4*              *Candy4*

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Now whata?

Earn GP's!

*Burstr*    Go to "WhataLand

*Burstr*    Post a message titled >> Spacing lesson.

*Burstr*    Write the Mastery Goal into the message.

*Burstr*    Then demonstrate your mastery in the post. *Smile*

*Burstr*    Wait for feedback.

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