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OPEN! Warehouse of Self-Taught Writing.com Lessons, Instructions, & Stuff!
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Newsletters ~ 5.#1
Browsing through the Newsletters

Each of the WdC Newsletters has an archive
Do you know where to find them?

If you go to any official WdC Newsletter, you will see a bar at the top that looks like this:

Action / Adventure Archives / More From This Day / Print This Issue

By clicking on the first tab that says Archives, you will see ALL the Newsletters that are in that genre
This is true for each of the Newsletters.


Link three different newsletters with a similar theme or issue.


Ready to go spelunking through the WDC Newsletter Archives?


Think of a theme, issue, or format that you would like to explore, such as the use of adverbs or prepositions; maybe character development?; or how about writing dialogues or haiku poetry?


Find three Newsletters that cover the same theme, issue, or format. NOTE: There are issues that cross all genres, so be sure not to limit your search to just one Newsletter Archive.


To post a link to a Newsletter use this format {nl:xxxx}
My three examples are:

"Contests & Activities Newsletter (March 25, 2015)
         (2). "Noticing Newbies Newsletter (October 26, 2011)
         (3). "Noticing Newbies Newsletter (August 8, 2012)

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Now whata?

Earn GP's!

*Burstr*    Go to "WhataLand

*Burstr*    Post a message titled >> Newsletter lesson.

*Burstr*    Write the Mastery Goal into the message.

*Burstr*    Then demonstrate your mastery in the post. *Smile*

*Burstr*    Wait for feedback.


Did you know you can get a WdC newsletter emailed to you?   Here's how.

                                       Click on MY ACCOUNT on the left side of your screen.
                                       Then click on ACCOUNT SETTINGS
                                       Scroll down to MANAGE NEWSLETTER SUBSCRIPTIONS
                                       Click and then check the ones you want emailed to you.

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