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I'll tell you all about the book down below.
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I was a runaway.

Good going Evan, way to start off a story.

Excuse my manners, let me start at the beginning.

I was born into a farming family, which was bad on some occasions.

See, I was a lot like my uncle: adventurous, brave, always finding trouble.

Okay, the "finding trouble" part is what I get for being a kid who's always seeking adventure in a family who won't go a mile away from the house.

My parents are scared that I'll walk into the woods, get lost and get mauled by a bear.

I kept telling them that if I'd ever encounter a bear, I'd maul it before it would even think about mauling me, then I'd drag it home, skin it and we'd have a nice little bear rug!

Even though my dad liked the idea of having a bear rug in our living room, my mom still didn't approve; I think it had something to do with "keeping the family name" or something, because the only kids living in the house are me and my two twin sisters.

One day in my life, when I was going to the field to pick some crops, my mom stopped me.

She said, "I just want to let you know that the reason why I don't like it when you go out into the woods is because I love you; I don't want to lose you and it would be hard on your sisters, your father and me if you got lost out in those woods."

I stared into her bright blue eyes and nodded.

So one day after a fight with my parents, I gathered the things I had stored away in my secret spot for a time like this and ran off.

I looked back at the house, remembering Mom's loving face, Dad's beard and strong build, but soft brown eyes, and my sister's giggles and their smiles, and I almost turned back, but right then, I thought to myself, I'll show them that I can survive the wild on my own. They'll see! They'll see! I'll be the strongest man in my family because I will have killed a bear!

As I walked deeper and deeper into the forest, I noticed that every few steps, I'd turn around to look at where my house stood.

The farther I walked away, the more the trees and shrubbery covered it up, until all I could see around me were the trees and shrubbery.

I heard the leaves in the trees, as they swayed in the wind, birds flit-fluttering and chirping, and the occasional rustling of an animal moving in the shrubbery.

Suddenly, I didn't feel brave and adventurous; I felt scared and lonely, wishing that I could run home and into my parent's arms and I'd never go back out into the woods again.

I tried getting back, but I couldn't remember the way.

I kept running around and around, but later found out I was running in circles.

That was when I plopped down next to a rock and cried.

I cried for what felt like hours; each time I stopped crying, I looked around, remembered that I was lost and I started crying again.

I had thankfully packed my teddy bear, Mr. Fuzzy Wuzzy Bear, because if I had looked in my backpack and had found that he was not there, I would've cried even louder; I had gotten him when I was three, and ever since then, we have been inseparable.

I finally stopped crying and got a bearing on my surroundings.

I thought, and a few minutes later, I walked in the direction of what I thought was the direction of where I came from.

That is where my adventure in the Fantastic Frontier began.
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