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by Sarah
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Reflections, Thoughts and Opinions From Africa.
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Write, Where did August Go?
The thirty one days of August passed in a flash and a blur, but for all the right reasons. I don't think I've been so active on WDC since leaving Turkey back in 2010!

I undertook a number of writing activities during August. It was absolutely hectic, frantic and wonderful. Even better, it got my muse back into action, and made me very productive indeed.

Game of Thrones

My dear friend iKïyå§amaCabre invited me to participate in this annual writing event, organised by Gaby . I happily accepted, without too much of an idea as to what I was undertaking. August 01 arrived, and I found myself writing a couple of short stories, daily reviewing and scribbling chapters for interactive stories. It was hectic, but was absolutely fantastic. I desperately needed a push in the writing *Wink* direction, and I got it with "Game of Thrones. I wrote 56 reviews in August, and produced six short stories. I don't think I was ever that productive in one month, not even while living in Greece and Turkey!

Official Site Contest - Quotation Inspiration

Shortly before Game of Thrones began I discovered I was one of the three judges for the July 2017 "Quotation Inspiration: Official Contest contest. My heart sank, but only for a moment. I actually didn't understand how busy I would be with Game of Thrones... well, I managed to complete the reviews of all entries in good time. I often think I work best under pressure... perhaps I'm right! So far just 20 percent of the contests have responded to my reviews, and they seem to have been helpful...

Official Site Contest - Short Shots

Three days before the end of the months, a selection of new short story ideas was posted. The 51st prompt invited participants to enter the "Short Shots: Official WDC Contest. I spent the day thinking about the picture: sunrise or sunset on an ancient temple with massive marble pillars. The following morning, I started reading a few Egyptian myths (my favourite mythology), and 24 hours later a story had been written. A day of editing later and "Cleopatra's Heart was posted and entered in the contest.


The first issue of my travel magazine is being delivered on Monday for distribution all over Zimbabwe. My team - Jean (my amazing DTP guru) and Chrissie (my marketing lady) and I managed to put it all together. It is the culmination of a dream I did not think I would ever realise. This time last year I edited Nzira, a local magazine the publisher pulled while we were compiling the December issue. It was the best job I have ever had, and I was heartbroken when it was cancelled, especially as management of the magazine had been handled so badly by the publisher. Last week I learned he is resucitating Nzira, "in response to massive public demand" - his words. His advertising rates are three times higher than Footprints, and his freelance writers were delighted to write for our new magazine. I have also been told by a couple of very reliable sources he knows exactly what I have been up to... although he had no idea we were printing end August. I'm nervous, but excited. And we're already planning our December issue and have secured several more advertisers for the next issue!


August wasn't all writing... I had one week off, when Ivan and I travelled to the sugar estates in the South of Zimbabwe for a friend's 60th birthday. It was a great party and we had a lovely weekend. We then drove to the Midlands of Zimbabwe, staying at Lake Mutilikwe near the town of Masvingo. I managed to explore a lot of the area... saw bushman paintings, incredible natural aloe gardens, Zimbabwe's smallest church built by the water bailiff in the 1960s in memory of his daughter and a Catholic Church built by Italian internees held in Masvingo during the Second World War.

My holiday means I actually did all that writing in just over three weeks! Certainly cause to celebrate, and it also means I have NO EXCUSES about not finding the time to write!

Excerpt from "Stars", a poem by Katherine Mansfield

Almighty, August!
I was utterly dazed,
Omnipotent! Just
In a word I was floored

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