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*A more amazing debatable collection never before written, or seen. *South of Tasmania
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Does every generation re-invent the wheel..?

And become aware earlier every year?

If you are curious at all, or want to have any awareness of our near future (next 5 years or less) then the embedded videos below are a must watch.


Are you struggling to keep up with tech? Struggling to ride the surf of your chaotic career choices? Finding it challenging to even pay bills and eat?

What about world population numbers? Is the earth polluted with excess people? How will everyone get enough to eat, or buy the special pill that cures every disease known before it even infects ( except nobody can afford to buy one)

And this idea that we might drive electric cars, and live and work on Mars? Crazy right? Impossible in our lifetime. Not even worth our time thinking about it. And within a few short years there'll be a real option to buy a ticket to Mars and certain employment, not to mention major involvement in history, for perhaps $100 grand?

Well, as far as space travel and the world we know now, I feel we have already been left behind.

What it means for writers and literature I couldn't even guess.

Has anyone heard of a new writing group being developed in Australia named Sky Writers Project? It's all about astronomy, the stars and planets, and our notion of these heavenly bodies from our youth spent in Central Western New South Wales, Aussie Land.

The ancient tribes of Australian aborigines pass on legends by stories, telling about using the features of their surrounding land as immovable and accurate measuring guides. Measurements of astronomical objects, planets, stars, navigation, time, seasons, equinox, solstice, tides, and whatever else ties our planet earth with unbreakable invisible cables of gravity, orbit, and the bigger cycles and influences we can't begin to grasp.

So Merrill, the founder and administrator of Sky Writers Project: https://www.facebook.com/SkywritersProject/ has asked us to write 3000 words in any genre or style but based on the stars. It, our literary item, may be published next year in a 2018 collection of "sky writing".

It is up to us modern day authors to pass on to the next generation our fascination, share our awareness of the effect of space and its natural moving occupants, so that these stories of the past would not be lost. We might raise awareness and interest in another bunch of people, children and adults. The sky is available to everyone. But the stars? Only to those who live relatively isolated, or those willing to give up their city life, at least for a short time, to travel away from the light pollution and see for themselves what treasures that vast hole above us, (below us?) holds for them...whatever their beliefs, or life goals.

We don't know if a star has our name on it.

Yet we know today, that our lives and the future depends on light that travels eight minutes or so to get here, before we can use it.


"...easy to underestimate Elon Musk..."


Part 1

Part 2

What about God? Elon Musk must be someone on the edge of blasphemy, surely? Suggesting we aren't going to be cooped up here on Terra Firma, but would have the audacity to colonize the universe?

I'm a believer. And aware that the idea of a space faring civilisation might be considered the stuff of childish dreams and Issac Asimov novels; couldn't happen, shouldn't happen, and won't happen. Just get on with our lives, pray and keep faithful.

Well that may be so. But I don't think so. I think what is happening is not only going to happen but if we aren't keeping up somewhat, we won't see the significance of a turning point in the history of humankind perhaps equivalent to invention of the wheel.

This isn't just about cars, Mars, Rockets or history.

You know there's a shortage of housing in cities. Everyone has to be jammed in there whether they want to be or not.

People are thinking laterally about housing, affordability and therapy for stressed minds. They are doing it themselves. And people with their old opinions and lack of long term vision, as well as misunderstanding how financially stressed this situation, aren't helping with out of date local codes that restrict out of the box thinking.

Let's not make that our story. Get with it. People, especially their, our, children, grand, great grand, whatever, depend on us to LET THEM. They will live with the consequences, or be miserable because we thought "old school".

Pry Bars.

Here's a young couple doing some frontier, hard-yard pioneering. This may not be a tiny home, but the spirit to do it in spite of inexperience, is out there with Elon Musk, you, me, and our young people. Millennial's may seem to be different to our old fashioned calloused hand work ethic, (is the real opinion?) but I wouldn't misunderstand, or underestimate them.

They have grown up in the electronic generation, silicone valley, dot com, e-commerce, skills in IT, fast thinking, adaptability, fresh perspective, and forward vision, may be just what the future HAS TO HAVE.

(Channel *Right* https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChhBsM9K_Bc9a_YTK7UUlnQ)

Perhaps our world's population will exponentially reduce in a spiral like water draining out of a bathtub, the outflow pouring onto fresh, resource rich planets. Much more cheerful outlook than a possible war, or climate change doom for the satellite we call home, hey?

Sometimes, if you step back from our busy lives, you can see a bigger picture emerging, a charcoal sketch of a future history in the making, with each day bringing a squirt of fixative on that Douglas McDougall portrait, and we can hazard a fair assumption of tomorrow. We can forecast with certainty, and excitement. Well, maybe not but at least it's better than the certainty and staidness of today's present depressing scene.

What does Elon Musk say? "We need something to get up for in the morning" and while it might fail or never eventuate at least it's not boring. (Unless it's Elon's Boring company, but equations now have an "Elon Musk" parameter or extra law of physics, don't they?)

You can see it gelling. Coalescing. Ha! Didn't need spell check that time *Geek*

A lot of separate "Amelia sequences" are circling, the eagles of seemingly unconnected goals are reaching their apex, intersecting accidentally. (Are they or is it a world order plan?}

The picture is an interplanetary life. Humans inhabiting faraway galaxies like in the movies.

Veggies by Far

So here we have food production ramping up. For desert climate? Post apocalypse? Or Mars? Space travel?

Yes. Where have all the flowers jobs gone?

Life as we know it will soon be over. We'll be like our grandparents (or great) were when motor vehicles first came about. And my parents with mobile phones.

Left behind.

We won't if we just accept that it will come, keep an eye on what's happening, and try to be positive. Keep up to date. We don't need to agree with it, or all go and live in communes. We don't all have to buy tiny houses and give up our houses. Although personally I love the idea. How long does it take to vacuum a tiny home? (2 minutes if that?)

There's a type of building that could possibly be used on Mars or other planets, to deal with using local building materials, take advantage of natural availability of heating and cooling without using any mechanical or electrical means, just the seasonal changes of the sun's trajectory, heat mass methods, just your basic physics put to humans' advantage.

I mean...


Seems obvious but I'm just a tradie. What would I know?

Are you ready for zero fuel bills, free cars called up at will (autonomous driving), underground 200 klm / h (124 point something miles/h) tunnels with roller skate car carriers, electric driver-less trucks, robots working on Mars, and your millennial gamer people remotely mining on another planet?

Are you ready for zero jobs for humans? Are you ready for a universal basic income payment for every man woman and child on Earth? Are you ready for such saturation of surveillance that people can't commit crime, or start wars?

Maybe it won't happen. Like The Castle. Maybe tell 'im 'e's dreamin'.

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