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Portfolio ~ Hidden information


Each portfolio holds a lot of information that is not obvious at first glance.
It requires some light and maneuvering.

It is recommended that you already be familiar with your Portfolio and Biography Tab.
If not, please go to "Portfolio ~ Setting it Up

Shall we get started?

Part I -Take a look at another member's portfolio.

*Bursto* *Bursto*   1. And the envelope, please.          Click here

*Bursto* *Bursto*   2. What secrets are in the suitcase?          Click here

Part II - Take a look at your own portfolio.

It is assumed that you are already familiar with your Portfolio and Biography Tab.

*Bursto* *Bursto*   3. What shape are you in?          Click here

*Bursto* *Bursto*   4. What's been going on?          Click here

*Bursto* *Bursto*   5. Let's review your reviewing.          Click here

*Bursto* *Bursto*   6. What notes have you left?.          Click here

*Bursto* *Bursto*   7. Do you have Blog?.          Click here

*Bursto* *Bursto*   8. Last tab is the Arrow Tab..          Click here

Need assistance.

"Getting Started #3 - Account Settings

"Reviewing with River E: A reviewing forum for those interested in improving their reviewing skills.

"Newbie Help & Support Writer's Hideaway E: A discussion forum to help Newbies by answering questions about writing, reviewing & more.

"Technical Support Forum 13+: Members help other members with technical questions and problems using Writing.Com!

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