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Writing ML ~ Practice Part 1
WritingML is the language used within Writing.Com
that allows members to enhance their writing on this web-based system.

Created by The StoryMaster


~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~

This item has two parts. You can do either, both or only the assignments you want or need. Both parts cover the same skills but Part 1 is a bit easier than Part 2. If you want to skip to Part 2 then click on >>"Writing ML ~ Practice Part 2


- Create a static item and title it "Writing ML"

- Complete the following assignments on the blank static item.

- When you finish and have mastered the basics, you may delete the item.

ASSIGNMENTS:          Click on the hotpink links for instructions.

Assignment #1:          WritingML Help for emoticons

Let's explore the emoticons! *Bigsmile*

         - You are going to pick emoticon from six different categories and place them on your Practice Page. {e:xxxx}
            Click on this link:          {http://www.writing.com/main/tools/action/emoticons}

                   Tool sets

         - Now write phrases or sentences using any three Emoticons.

Assignment #2:          WritingML Help for bold

         - Write sentence in bold.
         - Write a sentence that has ONE word in bold.

Assignment #3:          WritingML Help for italics

         - Write sentence in italics.
         - Write a sentence that has ONE word in italics.

Assignment #4:          WritingML Help for underline

         - Write sentence that is underlined.
         - Write a sentence that has ONE word underlined.

Assignment #5:          WritingML Help for color

         - Write sentence in the color red.
         - Write a sentence that has ONE word in the color blue.

Assignment #6:          WritingML Help for font

         - Type a sentence.
         - Now type that same sentence in the font of COMIC
         - Write a sentence that has ONE word in the font of comic.

Assignment #7:          WritingML Help for center  &  WritingML Help for right

         - Type a short phrase.
         - Now type that same phrase aligned to the center.
         - Now type the same phrase again aligned to the right.

All these functions can be accessed through the bar tab directly above your writing space.  Just highlight the word or sentence and then click on the function that you want.
Emoticons can be accessed by clicking on the Smiley Face tab.

Assignment # 8:           REVIEW

         - Write a sentence that has words that are colored and bold.
         - Write a sentence with underlined words and uses the font COMIC
         - Write a sentence aligned to the center and with part of in in italics.

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