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Joy, hope you're feeling much better, soonest!

Prompt: If you were to inherit or were given the ownership of a professional football team, or any other team of your choice, what would your priorities be where your players and coaches are concerned? What aspects of the game would you want your team to focus on, aside from winning?

You know, all my life I've held this bizarre conception that the Environment and people are more important than profits. Gee, what was I thinking?? To my view, professional sports is a business just like Megacorporations. No difference between, say, any professional sports team, and corporations like Facebook, Google, Apple, AT&T, Enron....on and on ad infinitum. Everybody's in it for the profit. It would be great to see ONE team owner who bought the team because he or she or they love that particular sport, but let's get realistic: that ain't happening.

It's profits from ticket sales, it's megacorporation sponsorship, it's how many millions can we throw at athletes (which the team ownership then has to recoup from ticket and merchandise sales). It's NOT about Principles or Integrity or Doing What's Right. I don't think it's even about love of the sport. It's just profit and greed. I got news for all of those greedy profiteers out there, no matter the field of endeavour:



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