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A story about Dracula and his seven daughters.
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Prologue and Chapter 1

         “NO!” Warped, demonic voices screeched as an old man and a weary father clasped their hands together and recited in Latin, “O Most Holy Father, Blessed Son and Holy Spirit-Absolve this wretched creature of all sins through the blood and souls of one hundred fallen saints. As we offer our lives in exchange for this soul, purify, sustain, and empower him to bring justice to all who suffer by the hands of darkness. We beseech Thee, Most Holy Father, hear our prayer.”

         A pillar of white fire descended from the heavens and engulfed them with thunderous lightning and gusts of wind. The fire surrounded a horrific beast and transformed its pale flesh into that of a young boy. The inferno incinerated the altar and took the breaths of the summoners. Regaining consciousness, the young boy, cried and fainted. The awesome terror of the event mingled with a nagging guilt chilled his bones as he realized what he had done.

Chapter 1

         The rain beat down on the umbrella and kept the well-dressed gentleman standing in front of Carlos Mansion somewhat dry. He swiped away a leaf from the side of his wet cheek and proceeded through the outer courtyard. The neat rows of Willow trees leaned sideways trying to withstand the windy gusts that threatened to uproot them. The flickering porch lights returned to normal when the generator kicked on, and sounds of soft laughter in the storm tickled the ears of the incoming stranger. Out of the shadows, the man, wearing a khaki suit, wire-framed spectacles, and a striped blue and tan tie, made a dash for the entrance and knocked on the door.

         After handing the attendant his invitation, he observed the crowd of pale-skinned, crimson-eyed guests dressed in beautiful gowns and tuxedos as they indulged on what appeared to be dark wine from their crystal wine glasses. Persian rugs and Celtic tapestries decorated the ballroom and several portraits of various barons hung on the wall. All of the men displayed their long, canine teeth when they grinned. He hurried past the throngs and entered a spacious dining hall. A diamond chandelier caught his eye as it dangled from the ceiling over the upper balcony, where couples socialized. On the lower level, couples waltzed and security kept guests from wandering to the private area. Gaining access to the back, the attendant accompanied the stranger down another long hallway to a secret room. The old attendant, with ashen skin and short hair, stopped in front of the closed doors and halted the stranger.

"Umm... I'm here to see the baroness" The man said, looking at the old man with a bald crown.

" I know. Wait here, sir" The butler replied in a deep, shaky voice.

Behind the doors, an elegant young woman with pastel skin, long curly jet black hair and fiery-red eyes reclined in her lounge chair and held a small teacup in her hand. Four men wearing sunglasses and tuxes surrounded her as she sipped her tea. The butler entered her presence and whispered something into the young lady’s pointy right ear.

         “Madam Careen” the butler called.

         “What now, Morn?” The young woman asked, “Do you not see that I’m in the middle of my precious tea time?”

         “A Mr. Richard is here to see you, Madam,”

         “Send him away at once. I won’t allow any interruptions” the young lady ordered.

         “As you wish, Milady,” but his mistress stopped him with a touch.

         “Wait Morn” she said with a devilish twinkle in her eyes.

         “Yes Milady”

         “I smell the scent of a human, is he a human?’

         “Yes, madam,” The Butler answered.

         “Send him in.”

         “Are you sure, madam?”

         “Yes, I’ll tolerate his company for now. Besides, I’ve been feeling rather feral as of late.”

         Upon hearing this, the four men standing beside her chuckled at her response.

         “As you wish, Milady” The butler replied with a smirk as he walked away and opens the door to let the man in.

         The gentleman pushed back his damp blond hair and cleared the water from his eyeglasses. When he finished, he pushed his spectacles over his nose and picked up his briefcase.

         “Your parasol, sir!” The butler snapped as he extended his hand.

         “Oh, my apologies … here and thank you” the stranger replied as he handed the butler his umbrella.

         Afterward, the guest was directed to the place where the mistress of the house was enjoying her evening tea. There, the butler directed him the couch facing the young woman who sat in a big, comfy striped black, gold and red lounge chair. The lady tossed her hair back and cleared her throat to get the man’s attention.

         “Um … sorry ma’am” The man answered as he reached into his suit jacket and fumbled for his business card.

         “My name is … Richard … representative of Brass Pharmaceuticals. I am here to tell you about our latest product called, Hemobile. It is a new plasma replacement that satisfies the urge to feed with the same nutrients needed for people, such as yourself, to survive without the need for human blood.”

         “Oh really?” the young lady replied with a devilish grin, “And why would we need such a thing when there is plenty of blood out there already?”

         “Well ma’am, some people are starting to notice your groups’ presence and have become anxious … with all the deaths and disappearances of course,” he said.

         “And those 'people' think that we’re the ones responsible?” she asked with one of her eyebrows arched.

         “Well ma’am, the authorities have done multiple autopsies on some of the bodies found, and their deaths are consistent with acute anemia. The corpses, according to the coroner, were completely drained of blood.”

         “So, you deem to offer a trifle substitute to keep me from feeding on all of you?”

         “No ma’am, we at Brass Pharmaceuticals understand your special nutritional needs. Therefore, we believe this product will completely satisfy your palate. I have some delicious samples with me if you care to try some”

         Careen offered no reply and sipped her beverage.

         The man waited for his potential client to finish sipping her tea.

         “Umm … Ma’am, is there something wrong?”

         “Do you know why I hate humans, Mr. Richard? They are always trying to find ways to make more money by exploiting the weaknesses of other creatures while penalizing others for doing the exact same thing to them. I’m sure that you are aware of natural selection” Careen said as she signaled with her right index finger the guards standing around her.

         The salesman shook his head and sighed.

         “Nature has chosen us to be the dominant species and humans to be our source of food,” she said.

         Careen glared at the man with her glowing vampire eyes mesmerizing him into a trance.

         One guard approached, took Richard's spectacles from his face threw it on the floor. He bent down to the man’s neck. His fangs glistened under the chandelier light as his jaws slowly closed down. Wise to his plan, the salesman pulled out a large desert eagle from his jacket, placed it in the guard’s mouth. He squeezed the trigger.


         The echo of the shot disturbed the atmosphere of the mansion, and the guard exploded into ashes showering Richard’s suit, he brushed them off while he bent over to retrieve his spectacles. He stood up, released a deep sigh and readjusted his glasses.

         Careen’s eyes widened after witnessing the swift demise of one of her protectors.

          “I didn’t come to negotiate” he said, “I came with an ultimatum. Though I’d prefer to kill all of you here and now, my contract prevents me from doing so.”

         The man reached into his Attaché case, pulls out a clipped document and placed it on the table in front of the startled woman.

         “As the elder of this little … group, you are responsible for all the crimes committed," Richard informed, “So, sign this contract stating you will buy and only use our products, or ...”

         “Who do you think you are? You think you can use that weapon against me? Do you even know who you’re dealing with?!” she demanded with a fierce scowl.

         Richard snatches the documents from the table, eyes it and begins reading aloud, “Careen Dracule Marise, The youngest daughter of Dracula, age unknown.”

         “Then you should know what happens to those who threaten my family, fool!”

         “Look Careen, I don’t care” he answered, “As far as I’m concerned, you are nothing more than a pretentious brat who doesn’t clean up after herself when she’s done eating. Sign the paper or die.”

         “Enough!” the young woman said as she jumped to her feet. She raised her arms and her shadow grew against the wall with red glowing eyes glaring down at Richard. A menacing hiss shot from her fanged mouth summoning all of her followers. Dozens of hissing vampires wearing formal attire leaped off the balcony and busted through doors around the room to attack the salesman.

         Richard realized the dangerous position he was in. The salesman reached into his pants pocket, pulled out a metal ball and tossed it into the air. It arched across the room before a flash of sunlight erupted and vaporized everyone in its vicinity, except for the young vampire mistress. When he found her, she was covering her ears and sitting on the ground in front of the ashes of her vampires. Richard walked up to her and fires a single bullet in her chest. The young woman wailed in agony and collapsed on the floor with blood seeping through her fingers as she grips her chest. Glares of hatred peered at the salesmen as screams and curses him. Annoyed by her screams, the man points his automatic pistol at the young woman’s forehead and pulls the trigger.

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