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by ruwth
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~ Am I A Writer? ~
I remember the day I decided to become a writer. I was standing in my living-room asking for God's guidance. I was working as a nurse but, due to some health problems back then, I was only averaging about fourteen hours a week. My wage was high enough and my expenses low enough that I was able to make ends meet but I wanted more.

"God, what can I do to support myself? What can I do to earn a good income?"


Was that God's answer?

I thought about it. I do believe God still speaks to us today but it is often hard to know the source of our thoughts: Is it God? Is it me? Is it from some other source? These are questions I have asked myself many, many times.

That day, I did believe I was receiving guidance from God in the form of that one word thought. I consider the writing I had done as a child, a teenager and as a college student. I loved reading things I had written and my writing had always earned me good grades in school.

What did I want to write? I had a heart's desire to share the things I had learned over the course of my life that helped me to be a happier, more content person. I wanted to share the things that had given me a greater sense of inner peace.

I had read lots of self-help literature over the years. I did more than just read the books, I applied the things the author's suggested often with good results.

I had also worked a Twelve Step program with remarkable results. The twelfth step said, "Having had a spiritual awakening as the result of these steps, we tried to carry this message to <others>, and to practice these principles in all our affairs."

Writing could be a way for me to do that. I loved sharing my experience, strength and hope with others. I could easily imagine doing that using the written word!

So, what happened next?


The idea popped in my head that day but went no further for months. Then came a day in January 2009 when I was feeling the lack of material success in my life.

There is a Bible story where Jesus talks about making the inside of the cup clean before the outside--and the outside would become clean. I saw the inside of my cup (my life) as having become much cleaner as I applied the principles I had learned from the Bible, the Twelve Step program, self-help literature and prayer but I lacked material success—and wanted it.

I was almost 57 years old and looked for all the world like a failure. I wanted more. I wondered if there were people who had arrived at the midpoint of their lives with no apparent success and turned things around. If others had made a sweeping change in their circumstances after the ripe old age of fifty, maybe I could, too.

I turned to Google for the answer. As I was looking for people who had a kind of delayed rags-to-riches story, somehow I stumbled across a member of Writing.Com. He was not a failure by the world's standards. He had a solid military record and had had a successful career as an editor. Could he possible give me some guidance? I reached out to him via email. He wrote back with some suggestions. His final suggestion was that I join Writing.Com.

Mind you, at that point, I had said nothing about the idea of me writing. He just encouraged me to join a community he considered to be a very supportive group of folks—me becoming a writer really had nothing to do with his suggestion.

However, as I considered the idea, I remembered my prayer and the answer I thought I had received. As I thought about it, I decided I might have stumbled upon the path to my goal of becoming a successful writer. Mind you, at this point, I had not written a darn thing since earning my BSN in 2004.

Actually, I had written one thing after graduation. In May of 2004, I had joined a Christian single sites and, at the suggestion of a friend on there, I had written a psalm of my own. I decided that psalm would be the first thing I uploaded when I joined Writing.Com.

Even now, I remember what happened next as if it happened yesterday: I became an author that day!

Folks on WdC will know what I mean by that. After I uploaded "My Psalm, I received an email congratulating me on becoming an author:

I will always remember the first time I saw this message!

Should I ever find success as a writer, that day marks the beginning of my journey. Will I find success in this field? Only time will tell. I have been moving toward my goal at a snail's pace but if I persevere I may one day reach the finish line.

For now, I can answer the question I posed in the title of this entry: Am I a writer?

The answer is YES. A writer is one who writes. I write.

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~ ~ ~ JESUS is LORD! ~ ~ ~

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