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Jake sky-blue eyes with thick eyelashes fluttered as he opened them and turned his head to the left. He spotted the general by his bedside, sat up, and groaned. "What time is it?"

The general frowned and licked his moist thick lips. "It's time to leave, but I don't think you should come." He wrinkled his thin eyebrows and Jake saw circles around his heavy-lidded moss-green eyes. His usual hairy deep-brown skin seemed lighter there.

Jake swung his legs out of bed and stood. He swayed a little and held onto the older werewolf's arm. "I'm coming. Where's my clothes?"

The general shook his head. "You're not strong enough. Look at you, you can't even stand!"

The young 'pire shook his head and staggered to the big oak chest at the foot of his bunk. He opened it and shuddered at the sight of Jason's Guns and Roses t-shirt. You had so much more to give, my friend. "I-I will meet you by the divided river in an hour."

The general threw his hairy hands in the air and muttered under his breath, "well I tried," He stormed out of the hut.

Jake pulled his t-shirt over his head. His arm felt stiff and still hurt like hell. He sat on the bed and put his jeans on. He stood up, exited the tent and walked through the valley.

The wind whistled over the stones in the ravine and the blades of grass on the riverbed swayed to and fro. A bear cub ventured out of a cave to Jakes right and gazed at him. His silhouette appeared on the limestone walls around the valley. A roar came from the cave and the cub turned and scampered towards his mother and safety. Jake sneezed at the dust the youngster left in his wake.

He spotted the General and jogged up to him "Ready to go, sir."

"I still think we should come with you," said a familiar voice.

Jake spun around and saw Callore and Eva as they approached. His heart beat faster and he sighed. Will it always be this intense? This is why I'm here, fighting, so the family I have now and the family I'm going to have can live in peace.

Callore's rosy cheeks flushed, and emerald bedroom eyes glued on Jake, smiled and waved.

The general smiled and hugged his wife. "Don't worry, my love. I will take good care of him."

Eva bit her red lips and clung to her husband. He held her voluptuous shaped body and kissed her pale delicate skinned forehead.

Callore threw herself into Jake's arms and held him. He cupped his hand and lifted her chin. He kissed her on the lips. "When I get back I want to ask you something."

She lifted her head and frowned. "What is it my love? You can ask me anything."

Jake glanced over at his parents and shook his head. "No, it can wait till I get back."

"Then you better make sure you come back sweetheart," she growled as she grabbed his penis.

The movement took Jake by surprise and he moaned. His parents glanced at him concerned. "Are you alright, Son? "Eva asked.

Jake nodded, his cheeks flushed. Callore laughed with a twinkle in her eyes.

The general slung his bag over his shoulder. "Come on, we'd better get going otherwise we'll never reach Wolf Orchid." He jumped into the warm water and started to wade over to the opposite bank.

Jake glanced over his shoulder, smiled, and followed. He looked down and saw different colour pebbles underfoot and smiled. The waters are sure clear around here. Every river, lake or puddle I have come across looks so pure. A school of tiny fish swam between his toes and Jake tittered.

The general turned and frowned. "Are you alright?"

Jake cleared his throat. "Fine. Eh, will we go past home on our way back to Wolf Orchid?"

The general shook his head. "Not if we go over the mountain and cut through the forest. It's more dangerous, but quicker."

Jake nodded his head and the two clambered out of the river and set off in the direction of the general's old clan.


They walked side by side, across the desert which acted as Creature World's borders. The golden sand felt firm under foot and Jake cringed at the sight of animal bones scattered across the vast wilderness. A coyote howled in the distance and a buzzard flew over his head. The air, hot and dusty, caught in his throat and he coughed. Jake's eyes spotted a hare pop its head out of a sand dune and sighed. He still couldn't fathom how the scenery could change so fast. We went from a nice green environment with life around every corner to this nothingness by just crossing the river.

The general gave his son a sideways glance. "Am I going too fast? Do you want to rest?"

Jake shook his head. "No, I'm okay."

His dad grinned. "You thinking about Callore? Don't worry, I'm sure she'll be fine until you get back."

Jake felt his face heat up and dropped his gaze. "How did this part of Creature World get its name?"

The general smiled at his son's hasty change of topic. "When the treaty still held the creatures decided to dedicate a piece of land as a safe place. No hunting, killing, fighting; Well, you get the picture. When the vampires started to invade and concur other creatures' territory, for some reason, they kept to this agreement. I want a community like this. Every state in America and every county in Britain will have a town where humans and creatures can live side by side." He shrugged. "Well, that's the dream and why it's so important we win this war."

Jake took one more step and heard the crunch of pebbles and stones underfoot. He looked around at the trees and bushes of Vampire forest. He sniffed the air and sweetpeas filled his nostrils instead of sand. He heard a cuckoo in the distance and the scurry of tiny feet as a squirrel scampered up a tree.

The general stopped and looked at the sky. "It will be light soon. Do you want to rest here until dusk and decide which way we go in the morning? The vampire camp is through the trees and the werewolf camp is the opposite way."

Jake scratched his head. "I thought we were going to find Ella and make her pay?"

"We might have to do that afterwards. It took us longer than expected to get this far and I don't want to miss your brothers funeral."

"Well, we could--"

The general placed a hand on his shoulder. "Shh, can you hear that?"

Jake listened. "No I... wait is that whistling?"

The general pulled him behind a tree and peered around the trunk. He gasped and turned to Jake. "You'll never guess who's coming along the path."

Jake frowned. "Who?"

"Ella and she's alone."

A tall creature with a pointed nose and weak chin came into view. She wore a leather one piece suit and carried a big sword in her long fingered hands.

Jake stared and curled his lip. He gazed upward and saw a glimmer of sunshine poke through the clouds. "But it's light. Won't she burn or blister or whatever they do?"

The general grinned. "Did I ever tell you the twins were smart? They are drunken thugs. Even their own kind don't like them."

Jake cocked his head to one side. "So, what do you want to do?"

"Well, if the spirits are looking favourably on us who am I to argue," he whispered before he stepped out from behind the tree. "Hello Ella," he growled.

Ella spun around and peered at the general. "Who are you?"

"Don't you recognize me?"

Eva stood still. She felt a tremor go through her body. "Sure, Eva's husband." She turned to flee, but Jake blocked her way.

"We've never met, but I knew your brother," Jake's hands shook.

"Look, I avenged my brother. I acted in the law. The law clearly states that if someone kills your kin you have the right to kill theirs," she hissed.

Jake smiled, but his eyes were as cold and as hard as iron. "So that means I can kill you."

Eva started to shake. "Look, there are two of you and the sun is coming up. This is hardly a fair fight."

The general took to strides towards her and lifted her up by her shirtfront. He pulled her to him and snarled. "Like you gave my son. I hear there were ten of you and you pulled him to pieces,"

Jake put his hand on his dad's arm. "But we will be fairer than your lot. I will fight you. If you win, you are free to go, but -"

The general threw Ella against a tree and turned to his son. "Are you sure? I will fight her, you're not strong enough," he whispered.

Jake shook his head. "No dad. It is my fault Filtiam is dead. I killed her brother. It should have been me they tore apart, me in the coffin, me me me." He clenched his hands into fists and his face contorted.

The general nodded. He turned to Ella, "Okay, Jake will use his stake sword and I take it you've got your own weapon?"

Ella nodded, dropped her sword, and pulled out a wooden dagger with a silver tipped end.

The general beckoned both opponents to him. Each stood either side of him. He picked up a few boulders and placed them in a square. "Right, you will fight in this square. The first creature to step out of the space or be killed is the looser," He stepped away from the pair and shouted, "begin."

Jake stabbed at Ella, but the vampire blocked him and snapped at his leg. He rolled away from her just in time. They both jumped up and circled one another. The two spared for a while until Jake let his guard down and Ella saw her opportunity to finish him and took it. She dived on him, held her knife above her head and thrust it in a downward motion into his heart. Jake pushed her off and scrambled into an upright position. Ella fell against one of the boulders and lay there. Jake approached her to finish the job; He bent over her just as she grabbed a handful of gravel and threw it in his face. Jake spluttered and staggered back. Ella jumped to her feet and tried to plunge her dagger into his shoulder. He blocked her and stabbed at the air. Still blinded by the gravel, he threw his sword in her general direction and heard a grunt then nothing. He rubbed his eyes and saw Ella on the ground a pool of blood around her lifeless body.

I am not falling for that again. He crept closer and kicked her body, but still nothing.

He turned towards the general.

How did I do that?

The general walked over, pulled his son's sword out of her belt and cut off her head. "Poetic justice," he spat. Instinct. You sensed her presence, anticipated her next move and compensated where she would be when you threw the sword. You are truly The Assassin.

Jake sat on the gravel path and put his head in his hands.

The general patted him on the shoulder. "Are you alright, son?"

Jake shook his head. But she blinded me, I couldn't see.

The General shrugged. You used your other senses. Like a blind or deaf human, when one sense is made redundant, the others heighten. He smiled. Unlike humans, we have seven senses and our senses are far more advanced than humans. Not only can we see for miles, our hearing, touch and taste buds are far greater than anything living on this planet. We also have perception and instinct.

Jake pressed his lips together. But to kill her blind by throwing the sword... Hitting an arm, leg... but a killer shot..."

The general walked over to Jake and patted his shoulder. It is what it is.

Jake gazed up at his dad and sighed. "We better get going otherwise we're going to be late for the funeral.

Jake turned his back so, he didn't see his father spit on Ella's body or take his dagger from behind his back and place it back into his shoulder belt sheath before he buried her head under a bush; or notice the small stab wound between her kidneys which penetrated her heart.

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