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Using the Right Cooking Oil
Vegetable — Has no flavor at all. Use when you don't want flavor from the oil, such as
when sautéing vegetables. It's the cheapest grade of cooking oil.

Canola — Used like vegetable oil, but it has less fat. It also has no flavor and is a reasonably priced alternative for low-fat cooking.

Peanut — Has hardly any taste, but doesn't burn at high temperatures. Use it for stir-frying oriental foods at a higher temperature. However, it's more expensive.

Olive (EVOO) — Definite taste difference. Use for Italian cooking (sauces with a tomato base), but it can also be used for fish, chicken, and salad dressing. It's reasonably priced as well.

Sesame — Has a very pungent taste. Use it in oriental cooking.

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