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The Cult of Ego
Prompt “Ego never accepts the truth.” Buddha

How useful are our egos if they can’t accept the truth? What do you think?

Truth nowadays exists like the Shadows in Plato's Cave: barely glimpsed, only vaguely, and many wouldn't recognise it if actually experienced. Almost everything is "fake," or as the current saying goes, "Photoshopped." My grandsons see in terms of real or "fake," and certainly most of us know the Media doesn't always give facts, let alone Truth.

What does this have to do with Ego? I see Contemporary Society as for the most part, a Cult of Ego: a Cult of Self-Centeredness, Narcissism, Egotism, Conceit, Vanity, a complete lack of compassion or empathy.

Yes, that is a sad and cynical outlook. Yet, it is mine.

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