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Jesus said, "Obey or I will kill you."( Luke 19:27)
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The Gnostic Gospel.. in tights.

Around the time of Jesus, there were Esemes, who wrote the Gnostic Gospels.
In it were the Gospel of Mary Magdelene and Judas.
These Gospels were rejected by the 1st Council of Nicea ..
The Council would decide on which Gospels were to be in the Bible.

Natalie was a successful pop singer and dancer.
She liked to walk the streets at night in a leopard catsuit and a pink wig.
Her extensive knowledge of aikido gave her great confidence.
"Natalie." a low voice echoed about her.

"Who is there?" she queried.
"Niel DeGrassi Tyson." Natalie spun about and hugged her favorite professor.
"What are you doing out so late alone and topless?" Niel queried.
Natalie kissed Niel, "It was so stuffy in my apartment."
"Did you have a gig?" he placed his leather jacket over her shoulders.

She sighed, "Yeah. I know I have a quiz in your class."
"You need to rest. Don't worry about the Apostles." Tyson smiled.
Natalie giggled, "It was nice of you to cover Fingerman's religious studies course."
Niel scratched his right eyebrow, "Yeah."

"Why are there so many interpretations of the Gospels?" Natalie clicked heels on the cobblestone.
"People can believe anything. The Gnostics believed Jesus was a man, not a god."
Degrassi looked up at the night sky; "There may be alien religions on distant planets that never heard of Jesus."
"Wow." Natalie made a gesture with both her hands extended; "Maybe they're jellyfish people?"
Niel laughed, "They'd like our oceans."

Reflections~When you least expect it. You're elected.

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