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Jesus said, "Obey or I will kill you."( Luke 19:27)
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What is original nothinness?

Dr. Clause Lawrence pondered the night sky.
He was a brilliant physicist and a lovely person.
Clause had published on the origin of the universe.
"Why did God make the world?"
Dr. Lawrence was startled by the question.
"Who is there?" he asked.
"Why is there Evil in the world with an almighty loving God?"
The leaves seemed to whisper the question.

"Is this a joke?" Dr, Lawrence got out his pocket flashlight.
He could find no one, "God is an illusion."
Clause put on his clothes.
He was a nudist, but he felt vulnerable.
"Facts are facts," he muttered as he made his way back to his car.
"Nothing can not exist. So, we exist." the wind whispered through the leaves.
Clause laughed, "That's a contradiction! All things decay into nothingness."
"Why are you here?" the voice became louder.

Clause started his Sitrouan.
He felt a cold sweat as he questioned his sanity.
The road calmed him as he dialed a friend.
"Hello?" Dr. Richard Dawkins answered.
Dr. Lawrence took a breath, "I've been hearing voices."
"What? Is that you Lawrence? I hear giggling." Richard replied indignatly.
"Giggling?" Lawrence looked about the car interior.
A small Feary climbed down from the ceiling and stood on the dashboard.

"There's a Feary on my dashboard," Lawrence stated calmly.
"Is this a joke? It's 1 am." Dr. Dawkins replied tersely. ..
"Hello. My name is Winkin. I am an Elemental." the Feary stated.
"Are you on drugs?" Richard queried.
"I wish I was. I must be having a psychotic breakdown." Dr. Lawrence parked the car.
"I am real. Think of me as a new friend from a different dimension." Winkin smiled.
Lawrence was dumb.. He stared and stared blankly at the Feary.
"May I touch you?" he said.
He touched Winkin and she vanished.

"You need medical attention." Dr. Dawkins stated.
Lawrence exhaled slowly, "Richard she's sitting beside me.."
"Are you in your driveway? I'm calling an ambulance." Dr. Dawkins hung up.
"What do you want?" Lawrence asked.
Winkin kissed him on his right cheek, "I want you to believe in Faeries."
And she vanished.
Lawrence walked slowly up his driveway as the ambulance arrived.
He muttered, "Round like a wheel within a wheel. Never ending or beginning."
He was strapped to a gurney, "Like a half forgotten dream."

Reflections~What is reality and what is speculation?


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