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"Putting on the Game Face"
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Anunnaki Birth Mothers
There are some aspects of what Zecharia Sitchjin translates from the Sumerian clay tablets that leave plenty unsaid. They supposedly used their own DNA in producing a hominid slave, They supposedly enlisted Anunnaki Birth mothers as incubators, and further they were supposedly willing to abandon the whole social experiment during the onset of the Great Deluge. Today I'll be talking about the Anunnaki Birth Mothers however, first some background.

This is what Sitchin tells us, "... they mixed the genes of one of their young males with the egg of an ape woman... and after mixing the two, re-implanted fertilized eggs in the wombs of some of their own females."

"All Sumerian texts assert that the gods created man. Also the biblical evidence indicates that man was not a god nor was he created in heaven. It was clear that while the humans lacked the godly characteristics of knowing and longevity they were in all other respects created in the image and likeness of their creator. The use of both terms in the texts was meant to leave no doubt that Man was similar to the Gods both physically emotionally, inside and out."

The following excerpt is attributed to Enki, one of the two Nefilim scientists who conducted the in-vitro fertilization.

I will produce a lowly primitive;
"Man" shall be his name.
I will create a Primitive Worker;
He will be charged with service of the gods,
That they might have their ease.

Sitchin states:

Man is the product of evolution, but modern man, Homo Sapiens is the product of the gods. For some time, circa 300,000 years ago, the Nefilim took Ape Man, Homo Erectus and implanted on him their own image and likeness.

Sitchin goes on to explain the process in Enki's words.

This being already exists. All we have to do is put our mark on it.

"The next step in the creation of the primitive workers, required the enlistment of a cadre of Anunnaki women to become Birth Mothers seven to produce males and seven to produce females."


On plate. #6 following page 82 of the book Zecharia Sitchin and the Extraterrestrial Origins of Humanity, M.J. Evans, Phd, is a replica, I assume made from the casting of an artifact, showing one of these Anunnaki birth mothers. At first glance it appears similar to other mother earth fertility figurines that are seen elsewhere in the archaeological record.

What is represented on the plate is one obscenely fat and ugly creature alleging to be a woman. We know from other art recovered from the period that craftsmen were capable of artistically rendering some high quality statuary imagery of the male and female form. So why the representation of the Anunnaki Birth Mother in such an unflattering manner?

Above it's stated that they "Enlisted a cadre of Anunnaki women..." to perform the task of incubation. Does that not strike the reader as a bit odd?

Percy! Percy! I can hear my readers pointing out... Today we have no shortage of young women, who will offer this service for a price.

I get it, however, if I were to ask a young woman, in financial need, if she was willing to incubate the egg of a chimpanzee what do you suppose her response would be? The record shows that there were high class Nefilim woman, of the ruling class, who came to earth with, or followed the early settlers, but the record is remarkably lacking in texts about Anunnaki woman belonging to the middle class. Allow me to suggest why. They didn't exist.

These Anunnaki birth mothers were biological incubators that the Nefilim cooked up in some lab or obtained from god only knows where. No self respecting Anunnaki would mate with one of these creatures. They were disgusting. These "Birth Mothers" are depicted exactly as they were, a biologically modified something or the other, created for the purpose of incubating offspring. On the contrary, the human females they birthed were an entirely different matter... as were the human males who the Nefilim females showed no scruples hanging out with.

And it came to pass,
When the Earthlings began to increase in number
Upon the face of the Earth
and daughters were born onto them,
That the sons of the Elohim
saw the daughters of the Earthlings
that they were compatible
And they took onto themselves
wives of whatever they chose.

So this explains a lot. No doubt there were Anunnaki middle class women back on Nibiru, but it appears that most of the early settlers posted to Earth were men. This explains the absence of text that shows the jealously and rancor, that would have naturally have arisen between competing females of the two races.

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