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Your Country Needs You!
Your Country Needs You!

So the call went out,
Your country needs you’
and so I thought
well, what the hell.
I’m fit and strong
and there won’t be a war,
nowhere, nohow.
Poor fool that I was
for didn’t it come
and I was marching, marching
into what the politicians had begun...
and I’ll tell you this,
believe it’s true -
there was not a sign of heaven
but one hell of a lot of...
burning ground and searing pain
and all of the screams that came again and again.
Trenches, blasts, an onward surge
where I’m caught up in the endless flow
with nowhere else that I can go.
When they’d left me broken
they sent me home,
but home isn’t home
and I can’t stay still
with those images of skeletons
marching up my hill.
I’ll drag that building, tied around my neck
while those voices echo around my head.
And like a weight that I’ve got to pull around
it’s plowing up the cemetery, tearing up the ground
and this house isn’t home, not now for me
it’s just another piece of living hell for me to be.

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