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The Carnival Is Over
The Carnival Is Over

The carnival has ended
for those that live,
for those that breathe.
A stagnant silence
as the rides wait,
quivering in the breeze
as though they shiver in anticipation
for what is to come.
No tickets tonight,
not for the dead
who swarm like angry hornets
around the gate,
and through the fences.
Wraiths writhe,
skeletons shiver,
and the clowns
with their hideous faces
force the rides into a parody of fun.
Screams of pain echo
through the clangs and the clashes
where rust and abuse screech along
in a cacophonous song,
for unable to stop
the carnival still can feel something
far from right
in the fun that's taking place this night.
It's in the air,
the stench of rot and death,
as the carousel turns with headless riders
and the spooks flee the tunnel of the ghost train
pursued by raging demons
waving butterfly nets.
If you dare to creep up,
and take a peek
I can promise you a memory
that you will for eternity keep.
But beware, for you'll be taking chances,
one false step
will attract those empty eyes,
those lipless mouths
and with a great collective inhalation
you'll be lifted,
and the carnival will forever be closed to you
except for when the doors are open
to the restless dead.

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