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Maple Street
Maple Street

There once were maples that lined the dirt road,
Leafy arches shielding from summer heat,
The horses hitched and pulling heavy loads,
Shoppers finely dressed, their neighbors to meet.

When I walked Maple Street, of trees then bare,
Some shops were closed, others took their places,
I stopped at Woolworth’s, had a soda there,
Childhood memories my heart embraces.

The city planners have changed it all now,
Traffic flows through without need for stopping.
The pavement lined with only spindly boughs,
Drive-thrus dispense with the need for shopping.

Progress has taken hold in my small town.
It can’t be stopped, but please, can it slow down?

Form: English Sonnet
14 Lines

Prompt: Street Signs - Maple Street
For Promptly Poetry

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