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Catching up September
Well, September is here. Things come, Things go. As usual, I'm a bit poky getting around to my blog, please forgive. (Though I am impressed that that I haven't been entirely negelectful and I'm finding time to pop in from time to time) Just sharing some misc thoughts about the world and events around me this September.

Well, things are pretty much still shut down here in SoCal, and I'm in LA County. Our county is in the Purple tier, so we are very resticted. No movies, No bowling alleys, Halloween is "not recommeded" bit isn't prohibited. I'm a tad "drained" from the restrictions. I go to work, I go home, I eat, I sleep. If I have a day off I do my errands and I go walking. Missing USC Football. COVID sucks. What else needs to be said?

September is National Suicide Awareness month and LAPD partnered with Hope, Honor, Heal to host a Virtual 5K to bring attention to suicide awareness. They used the "Just Move" app to record your progress. I signed up to do it and took my 13 yr old with me. We walked 5K's around Castaic Lake, but we did after work. I'm glad to walk and bring awareness to this issue. (FYI... I am a 911 Dispatcher for LAPD. I take 911 calls for the city of LA as well as talking to the officers on the radio.)

Here's a video by LAPD.


The air quality sucks. As usual, California is on fire. But just so you know, it's fire season and California is always on fire. It burned last year, and the year before that, and the year before that too. My governor says the number one reason is because of climate change. Now this is a divisive topic, and I don't mean to stir up the dust here. But I found this guy, Bijorn Lomborg out of Sweden, who makes a lot of sense. Climate Change is real, but it isn't quite the force some think it is.

Here's Bijorn's Article:

So Bijorn is my climate change guy. I believe part of California's problem has to do with the lack of forest management. Causes for some of the most recent fires have been lightening and a gender reveal party. While I believe like Bijorn, that the climate makes a favoritable enviornment due to the hot conditions and dry heat, the lack for forest management has made California a tinder box.

I say give Bijorn Lomborg a read and see what he says rings true to you. OUt of all the things I've read and watched, Bijorn rings true to me.

I've been a bunch of political books trying to round out my thoughts and ideas. I read Mary Trump's book and I just finished reading Don Jr's book. I know, more division. Sorry. What's the saying? Knowledge is power? Well, I'm working on my knowledge.

Also reading "The Great Influenza" and "Carnegie's Maid." I like the historical stuff, can you tell?

It feels good to be back writing. Mind you, it's slow, but due to COVID restrictions, I'm finding time. I am working on updating an "older" tale. It was published in the Victory Tales Press "Stimulating" anthology back in 2010. It was called "Christmas in Bayeux." Victory Tales Press went out of business in 2018 and it's taken me a bit to start to get my stories back out there.

Here's a little preview of "new" scene:


"But if the stock does well, it will earn you money."Annabelle buttered one side of her crossaint. "What did Marchand say?"

"Buy." Noel let out a long breath. "He says Amazon is the future."

"Have you asked your friend?"

Noel raised an eyebrow. "Oh, you mean Aiden?"


Author's note: In 2010, the year the story takes place, Amazon stock was between 100-114 dollars a share. Hard to believe, but true.

Hope September has treated you decent.
Smiles to all

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