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On Liberty Street
On Liberty Street

If you'd have been standing outside of number thirty-four Liberty street, at three minutes passed two in the morning, you might have witnessed something strange. But you were not there, and neither was anyone else.

There's a street-light there which you might be familiar with. It shone quite brightly until suddenly it began to flicker until all illumination was extinguished. But even so, if you had of been standing beneath it there would have been enough spill-over of light from the other street-lights for you to have seen those screws begin to turn.

Four of them, one in each corner of a metal plate that was positioned quite close to the ground, began to rotate. Not one at a time, but all in absolute synchronicity until they'd completed enough revolutions to drop to the pavement. The plate hung there for a few moments, as though it was not prepared for the forces of gravity to send it plunging those few inches. It landed with a slight clatter, but it didn't matter for no one was around to hear it.

Would you have run, disturbed by this unexpected event? Or would you perhaps have leaned down and attempted to fix it back into place? I've got to tell you that the first course of action would have been the wisest, even though you might have felt a bit of a coward for doing so.

If you had been standing by this lamp-post on Liberty Street you might have seen what at first looked like steam coming from the gap. An electrical fault? That would explain why the light went out, but take a sniff and there's not even the hint of a smell that burning or melting would have produced.

This is no steam. It would have taken just seconds for you to realize as it swirled and formed into a figure of a man. For a moment he stood there insubstantial and could easily have been dissipated into some kind of chaotic disorder, along with his companions. There are four of them, like the Horsemen of the Apocalypse, and that would not have been a bad way to look at them.

These figures, though wispy, are full of malevolence. The air around them seemed to pulsate with evil and hate. Lucky for you that you were not there.

But wait. They are moving with purpose, silent and stealthy. What are they after? Well, if you happen to live on Liberty Street you are about to find out.

The figures split up, each one heading towards a different house. The doors are shut, locked and bolted tightly for it is early morning. The residents need to take precautions to maintain their safety. The downstairs windows are all closed, but look up and you'll see some higher ones left open. Not wide, but these guys, they don't need much room.

In fact they do not even need an open window for there's always a slight gap between door and frame, wide enough to let a wisp through. And that's what they do, these figures, they stream inside to reform in the hallways, ready to make their silent trek up the stairs, around the house, looking for a body to possess. And once their selection has been made it's such a simple thing for them to stream inside through nostrils or mouth and once there reform, take control.

And if you happen to live on Liberty Street, you'd better hope that they've not picked you, for if they have you'll never ever be the same again.

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