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Moo Cow And The Magic Hat
2nd place win, 894 word entry into the December 'Writing 4 Kids Contest'

Moo Cow munched on a nice fresh mouthful of hay. With her tongue, she licked up a stray. Her straw bed waited warm and comfy. Everything was right this Christmas Eve. The stars twinkled like a million holiday lights in the sky. Moo Cow yawned preparing to close her eyes.

What was that? Could it be? That famous “ho-ho-ho” and the sound of jingle bells meant only one thing. Santa’s sleigh was coming. Moo Cow stopped chewing her cud and swallowed, she got so excited. The barn door, left open, by too busy Jimmy Boy, revealed a wonderful sight.

Reindeer. Landing right here, this very night. The lead with the shiny bright red nose must be Rudolph. Santa called out the names of others, “Yo, ho, ho, stop, Prancer, Dancer, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Dasher, and Vixen, Blitzen.”

Santa’s sleigh slid to the snow packed ground. What a wonder Moo Cow had found. How would it feel like to fly, light as a bubble anywhere you wanted to go. Instead? Moo Cow spent her time chewing cud in a pasture covered with snow. It was an easy life but one without adventure.

Oh, to see the world in a single night, that would be exciting, indeed, but there was no way. Here in the pasture and barn Moo Cow stayed. She was no magic reindeer. Her feet were solidly placed on the ground. There was no magic in them. All she could do is blink her brown eyes while staring around.

There went Santa with another chuckle keeping him company. His bag of toys flung on his back, all he had to do was wink and nod to float up past Jimmy Boy’s second floor window to the chimney and down the chimney he went, as easy as that.

There was a puff of soot turned to smoke as Santa wiggled, descending to get his cookies and milk. Being Santa, this special night, took much energy, countless such goodies needed to be within sight.

Too soon, the elf showed himself. Jimmy Boy, still asleep in his bed. What special toy was he dreaming of that now rested under the Christmas tree where nothing had been but thin air, instead.

Santa slid down the farmhouse roof with a whoop of glee. He did a somersault and bended one knee, wishing Jimmy Boy’s whole family a happy holiday and good warm memories.

While adjusting his big black belt and his famous red hat, a gust of playful wind teased the hat off. Just like that, Moo Cow watched it dance out of reach. Each of the reindeer, tied to the sleigh tried with their antlers to grab it. Santa shook his head in disbelief.

Why, it was coming Moo Cow’s way. She did what she did best, stood and stayed. The wind stopped when she wouldn’t budge. Santa’s hat landed on Moo Cow’s head with a final nudge.

Something strange happened next. Moo Cow’s hooves seemed to flex and float. She rose in the air without a care. The wind picked her up there and off she flew (It was a good thing she wore her winter coat.)

It was the hat that made Santa and the reindeer magically fly. How the world below passed her by. Time stood still, she could go anywhere at will, and did so mooing at a flapping whippoorwill.

It took awhile to figure out how to change direction. Moonbeams finally guided her back to her favorite home pasture’s section. She landed with ease, nodded at the passing breeze and carefully plodded back to waiting Santa who sneezed, “My, my. You looked strange up there. I wondered if you’d ever return my hat with a care. It gets mighty cold up there.”

“I’m glad that you did. I have presents for other kids. The night isn’t getting any younger, you know. I’ve never seen a cow fly better than a crow. I pronounce you alternate sleigh carrier if ever a reindeer gets sick. Steady now, my pretties, make it quick.”

Santa wiggled his hat on his head, picked up his bag of toys and tricks. He patted Moo Cow good-bye as happy tears, Moo Cow's brown eyes cried. She’d been promoted, as Santa Claus had noted, to become the first flying cow who had floated.

A little magic seemed still in play. Her hooves did a little dance as Santa’s sleigh rose from the ground and on its way. Ever since then, Little Jimmy Boy grinned when he saw Moo Cow’s hooves hover swimming in the air like fish fins.

She didn’t actually fly, well, inside she did and this is the reason why. Feeling so free you can be and go anywhere you want to see. Moo Cow kept her secret to herself.

It wasn’t the hat that was magic for the big elf. Santa’s magic was the twinkle of his eye and how it made him feel in his heart with a happy sigh.

Now some nights, when Little Jimmy Boy forgets, leaves the barn door open before going to bed, guess what happens next?

You’ll see Moo Cow flying over the moon, if you don’t blink your eyes too fast or too soon.

It may be just your imagination, or Moo Cow’s new flying passion. I’ll leave it up to you to decide. Meanwhile? How are you feeling inside?

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