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Invisible matters of the mind turned real into the written word.
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First a phalanx of the Phoenix appeared, rising up out of their own ashes. Their smoke and fiery entrance before me bode ill well. I was the only object standing in their way. How could a mere human withstand their power?

What did I do? I cringed, shuddered, fell to my knees begging for my life. Out of the blue, up and behind me rushed the wild wind of countless wings. When I looked up the sky was filled with countless descending Griffins ready to do battle.

No, my prayer had not been answered. The one good thing about the Phoenix, in the eye of Griffins, is their opposing mythical creature provides a never ending meal. The ensuing raging battle gave me time to creep unnoticed, or so I thought, towards my boat attached to this ancient templed island’s shore.

Of a sudden, I stood transfixed with the sound of mystical music floating to my ears. All other sound grew silent, swept away by the visage of a choir of Sirens awakened and calling from the depths of the endless sea. The earth itself vibrated into an earthquake of harmony.

I knew monster and man alike were done for, as this new hazard took hold of us all. Did you know the Cyclops not only have just one eye but are often deaf from being bludgeoned by each other’s clubs whilst practicing their craft?

As the earth erupted and opened, it vomited forth a maddened band of these singularly well focused beasts, at being so aroused. The horror of the moment enveloped me. Such a mix of terror on land, air and sea left hardly room left to breathe.

I danced on the edge of annihilation before chancing to see a hole in the ground. Before I could escape, that three headed watchdog of the underworld, a Cerberus snapped at me. Coward that I am, I ducked. One launched itself into the fray swirling behind me. Another of even greater dimension took its place, growled, salivating fire and brimstone and followed.

What could I do but close my eyes and give up myself to fate’s worthy hand. I held my breath waiting for death to claim me. A tingling, tickling, teasing caress occurred across my exposed skin, instead. It took the shape of supernatural fairies come to see the great debacle and urge on each form of combatant.

I, being the center of the excitement, had drawn their attention. Curious, they came to investigate why no harm had come to me. They began to poke and prod every which way in an attempt to explore what manner of magic kept me safe.

Blinded by the fairy dust twinkling and flashing in the air, I gave up all hope that my bruised and beaten flesh, weeping its blood, would be saved only to be placed in worse peril.

All attention in this mass of carnage turned towards encroaching waves. A tsunami rose and amidst it appeared the many headed Hydras ready to engulf all else.

Time stood still. The agony pulsing in my breast threatened to do what none else had been able to. The sky split asunder, awakening the moment into further turmoil. It was Pegasus, that winged horse free to travel between mortal and immortal realms, come to see what all the action was for. I seized its mane, heaved myself upon its back, and clung with every fiber of my being.

As we rose, I heard the faint and distant cry of the mournful, keening, wailing lamentation of that fairy woman Banshee foretelling death.

The island below with its temple of doom vanished below the waves with a giant groan. I lost my winged purchase. Pegasus shook me off, winking out of existence into some other-worldly clime.

Earth, wind and water blur against my agonized sight. The passing of so many living examples of myth pounds within my head. Have I alone survived, but for how long? Reality, itself, hangs in the balance. I tremble at what my past history promises to unleash upon the world and what will happen to me next.

Am I alive, or some one else's mad alternate realities dream? The pages of the book closing, squeezing the covers around told me all that I must know.

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