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I'm not much of a writer anymore, but here we go with a journal.
#1001618 added January 7, 2021 at 5:26pm
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Nobunny for me (sigh)
Dang. I thought this was going to be perfect.

I've been wanting to keep a couple rabbits for some time. I've always liked rabbits.

I had a penny,
A bright new penny,
I took my penny
To the market square.
I wanted a rabbit,
A little brown rabbit,
And I looked for a rabbit
'Most everywhere.

(First stanza of Market Square by A.A. Milne, also the story of my life.)

My recently-moved next-door neighbor had a pretty white rabbit named Bun-bun. (You let your toddler name your pets, you don't get blinding originality.) Mr. Bun-bun lived in a pen adjacent to their garage with a tiny old doghouse their chihuahua was too spoiled to ever use. Mom and daughter and chihuahua went back and forth a between their Madison home next door to me and their hometown up north. The rabbit had been a country pet, but whoever was taking care of him couldn't do it anymore, so they brought him down here to become a furry urban gentleman. I didn't even realize he was over there until he appeared in my driveway one day, nibbling away at a Brussels sprout plant. I was just about to go get a camera to make a lost pet post on Facebook, when the neighbor showed up, apologizing.

After that, Mr. BunBun and I became great friends. The neighbor let me bring him left-overs from my garden vegetables, and take care of him from time to time when they were away with her family. It was awesome. Besides, rabbit poop is compost to die for! But then BunBun died one day -- rabbits tend to go from healthy to flat-line without much warning -- and then the neighbors moved back up north for good.

So now I want rabbits. I'm going to adopt two of them. Their names will be Kerfuffle and Covfefe. I almost adopted a pair of dwarf rabbits right away, but wasn't quite ready to come up with a hutch, and didn't feel I yet had the bunny-smarts to be confident about leaving them outside all winter.

Last week, a person on Nextdoor with the unlikely name Amber Whitehouse posted that she was looking for someone to foster her pair of rabbits for three months, and I jumped up ME-ME-MEEEE! We had it all planned out, but then she backed out at the last minute. I only found out yesterday. Super disappointed.

But now I'm in it for sure. I will get my rabbits! As soon as the property tax gets paid, I'm going to start pricing hutches, and keep an eye on the local rescue websites. When the time is right, the bunnies will come.

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