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An exciting journey of a high school girl, Olivia along with her friends.
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An Exciting Trip
Hardly had Olivia turned out to acknowledge Jack's hand when he asked "Would you like to join us? We are going to search for Athora's map" he whispered.

"Athoraaa" she repeated within herself. It was something especial to make her curious. Although she did not show, yet within her heart core she knew how desperate she was to go there and feel it.

The three went down deep following the dark dusty stairs to the shelf where Jack had seen his teacher hiding the map .

"How do you know that the maps describe Athora? It's just a story, isn't it?" Anne started suspecting Jack as they were heading. "Believe me. No one will hide a usual map within the school campus in such a weird place..."

"Shh..."and the both paused. "Someone may eavesdrop us. Can't you stop talking for a while." They both giggled on each other's scared faces and Olivia's grown up behaviour. When they took out the big old dusty torn paper, Olivia became ecstatic. She seemed very excited for this trip as it was her childhood dream. The trip was going to be held on the upcoming weekend.

The three packed their stuff a day before and made a checklist .
As the day of the school trip came closer Olivia could hear her heart beating faster. The feeling of awe acquired her bringing butterflies in her stomach .

The next day , the students gathered in school at 6 A.M. They were supposed to go to the jungle by bus .Anne climbed the bus and took a seat for herself and saved two for Olivia and Jack. In the journey, every child was cheerful. But Olivia had a separate world in her mind. She thought of the nature, the beautiful sky, the pink nights, the mesmerizing beauty of maple leafs, chirping of birds, smell of wet clay and cold breeze . She had always thought of going to Athora one day but she never knew the day was the one.

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