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Still lost in space..Maybe.

"Is it Earth?" Judy asked Major Don West.
"I think so. That wormhole flipped us across the galaxy."
Major West checked his star maps.
"Earth. Oh, glorious Earth," Doctor Zacharia Smith leaned over Major West's shoulder.
"Yes! Look at Venus!" the doctor exclaimed and clamped his hands.

Professor John Robinson strode over to the navigation center.
"I think we've gone back in time to January twentieth, 2021."
The professor spoke precisely and pointed at the temporal flux in the navigator.
"January 20, 2021? That was the beginning of America's second civil war."
Major West's words were full of anger, "We're landing in the middle of World War III!"

"Maybe we should go back?" Penny nervously twisted her hair with her right finger and thumb.
"Go back to what; desolate planets with monsters?" Will Robinson chided his sister.
Major Don West rubbed the back of Will's head, "We can't go back. The wormhole has vanished."
"Okay. We are going to land but cloaked from their radar. I think we can blend in."
Professor John Robison spoke softly with a smile.
His wife Maureen held his hand, "I like Canada."

Reflections~Who watches the watchman?


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